YouFM: Podcasting your Business and Yourself

Overview of the world of podcasting and how you and your business can benefit from it.


YouFM: Podcasting your Business and Yourself is a comprehensive exploration of the infinite benefits of podcasting and how it can become an essential form of protocol of communicating with your clients, fellow business men and women, and future clients.

Discussion topics will include:
-What is a podcast?
-Why Podcast?
-What podcast are you
-Podcasting as a Marketing Tool
-Rewards of podcasting
-Tips on getting started

Carlos Borberg co-founded Pyrat Republik Productions in 2009 out of a passion to produce unique and exceptional music. He leads the Professional Advising and Live Performance divisions at Pyrat Republik, and is also the “Master Podcaster” on staff. Having had produced multiple podcasts for clients such as The University of Texas at San Antonio and CineFestival en San Antonio, he also hosts his own podcasts and webcasts on a weekly basis. Carlos is also a Public Relations and Social Media Strategist with his fair share of experience creating and managing multiple SM sites and Web 2.0 contents.