You Are Your Own Stimulus Package


What's your personal plan to expand business,employment and life success in this 2010 economy?
Presented by Carol Thompson, former chair of Austin Chamber of Commerce, ABJ's 5 Most Powerful Women, prior member of Dallas Federal Reserve Board,SA Branch, and Board member UT Cockrell School of Engineering. Carol was recently profiled in the book "A Cup of Cappuccino for The Entrepreneur's Spirit,Vol II."

After serving as CEO for Computerland in Austin, Texas, Carol founded The Thompson Group in 1993 to work with companies and organizations as a high-level, strategic marketing partner. Carol has served on more than 30 professional, civic, and charitable boards, in Texas, including six years on the San Antonio branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve Board. In 1992, she chaired the board of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, a year during which 95 established companies visited Austin to evaluate expansion possibilities - 25 companies elected to do so. Carol has been recognized by the Austin Business Journal as "one of Austin's 5 most powerful women" and named by the Austin American-Statesman as one of Austin's "top 25 tech players to know." She was on the cover of Digital South Magazine, which named her "A Real Hero of Southern Technology" and the October 2000 issue of eCompany identified Carol as one of the "Nine People to See in Austin." In April 2001, she received the Women in Communication Liz Carpenter's Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, Carol was presented with the Office Depot "National Award 2001." In a slightly different direction, Bard Press of Atlanta and Austin recently published the book, Masters of Networking, co-authored by Carol Thompson, which debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list. Additionally, University of Texas Moot Corp. Director Gary Cadenhead discussed Carol and her company's FACE TO FACE Strategic Business Networking Event in his newly released book. In the book, entitled NO LONGER MOOT: The Premier New Venture Competition from Idea to Global Impact, Carol and her FACE TO FACE event are cited as the origin for the relationship that made the creation of the book a reality. In May 2002, Carol's perspective was featured in Tribeza magazine with her article "Of Leadership," highlighting the opportunities and challenges that must be met by emerging and existing leaders everywhere.