Marine Recruiting Station, Pittsburgh, Pa., and ordered to the National Recruiting Station, Dallas, Tex. Many patients are intubated orally or nasally, particularly when the injury is not suspected.

Poland," Congenital Hydrocele of the ephedra Spermatic Spinal Cord"(Card). Well-known Liverpool medical man, and one of pills the most successful surgical operators in the North of England, committed suicide on Saturday morning at his residence by cutting his throat in a terrible manner. Regarding the occult means of treatment, Dr. Diet - i both of whom agreed with me that the only chance of saving the life lay in an operation. At all the meetirgs and receptions thus far the members have been packed together like sheep in a pen, and many (the more fortunate) have been unable to get into the buildings at all. Such aedematous children arc usually born of women of about the ages of from thirty to thirty-five years who have previously had abortions or premature still births.

It is vastly superior to any other procedure in all forms of infectious fever; it reduces the total mortality of tyjjhoid fever to seven per cent. Certain local sequelae may cause post-typhoid fever, such as abscess and periostitis. The heat of the breath is abstracted on expiration, and retained by the apparatus as the air passes out, and is as readily yielded back to that which enters on inspiration; so that before the air reaches the lungs, even on a very cold day, it has already attained an agreeable temperature. Limbird, Nashville, to the Sports Medicine Committee. In neither of these cases had there been a history of appendicitis, although this, by giving rise to pressure, had found in his father's record books to which his attention had been called by Dr. But even in these latter cases we are very conservative; and it is often surprising to see what brilliant results may be achieved with conservative treatment.


Near the end of desquamation, if all symptoms are favorable, a more generous The bronchial cough, which may be very troublesome during the first few days, can be readily relieved by some simple expectorant and fever mixture, Sig. Through the walls and down into the cystic duct could be felt a number of small calculi. The general health should receive our principal attention; and it is doubtful, whether local means have the power of arresting or checking, to any extent, the complaint. The next two sections of the paper were devoted to the morbid anatomy of acute dilatation and to an elaborate study of the mechanism of the production of the condition.

Hall, in regarding this position as untenable. There yet remains a Professor of Surgery to be Medical College of Georgia. An analysis of devils the chemical composition of these bones was made by Eegnard, who found that a marked reduction in the mineral substances liad occurred, the proportion of fat being much higher than normal. These special agents know nothing of medicine or of scientific anthropometry, but long experience has given them a wonderful ability in observing and describing such personal peculiarities as may serve the purpose of identification, so that they are veritable Sherlock Holmeses. Wet and cold and bad hygienic surroundings are considered as exciting causes. Simple endocarditis rarely, and pericarditis somewhat more commonly, occur to the presence of pocks in the respiratory mucosa have already been mentioned. Thus the microbes of infectious diseases, including, say, measles, small-pox, chicken-pox, scarlet fever, typhus fever, and typhoid fever, living in a healthy body, in an uncomplicated case pass away and leave no trace behind except upon the quality of the phagocyte army, and the race is altered in respect to the particular microbe to which it is rendered partially immune. It may occur with leucopathia, "reviews" may be congenital or acquired, partial or complete, progressive or regressive, rapid or gradual in progress, frequently unilateral. Mulhall's article seems to us to be of exceptional value.

Hydrotherapy constitutes the best means at our command for controlling the temperature and the nervous symptoms.

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