Various slight errors and omissions have struck the eye in looking over the work. The symptoms and signs of hydrothorax generally precede and accompany hydropericardium, and the latter condition tends to intensify the effect of the former. He found that they would adhere when planted, and grow, although they had been preserved dry for several days in Petri dishes, but their growth under such circumstances was by no means as active as that of fresh grafts, or of those which had been kept for a like time in sterile salt solution. The dairy interests, however, point with pride to their trade organizations, national and international, formed for express purposes of research and for the development of laboratory tests and sanitary methods as a basis for 40 the machinery to keep in line recal citrant members who fail to conform Twenty years ago the dairy farmer peddled his own wares. Even the most fundamental facts which must lie at the basis of any efforts to ventilate our school buildings, have not been scientifically determined by any experiments which have been nhan made thus far. William Goodell, at the last meeting of the Pennsylvania State Medical Society. Finally, it is to be noted especially that chronic adhesive pericarditis may exist without giving riM to with chronic myocarditis and himj)le hypertrophic dilatation. Iota Tau Sigma Iota Tau Sigma, president, treasurer Undergraduate Academy of Applied Osteopathy Jack Goldstein, D.O. Chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, as it exists in the adult, is seldom if ever found in a child. His results fully confirm the statements of Filehne. SuVkjutaneous injections lowered the temperature, but hard painful swellings were developed locally, which lasted some weeks; two of these swellings, in the nates, suppurated. Baxter's case he was not sure but that the dressing was applied rather soon, and it was just possible that had he delayed, the gastro-intestinal affection might not have occurred. JoEM Bbockwat Rippbek, M.A., Vice-President (Graduate of Wesleyan University), Professor Adolf Schumacher, Ph.D. Depressing measures of whatever sort are not to be resorted to unless the circulation be good. Members of Boards of Health will find in this volume many valuable hints and suggestions connected with the sanitation of municipalities. Eight days afterwards there was a slight recurrence of the bleeding, but morning.


It forms, in my opinion, the very best, although severest, school for the clinical investigation of disease, and as a a study as instructive in education as it is interesting in research, "mg" and useful in practice. The symptoms indicating the presence of these conditions are hoarseness, cough, and aphonia respectively.

Dr Henderson was also the first to point out that typlius and relapsing fevers were two distinct diseases, and not merely asthenic and sthenic types of the same, as was then believed; and tlie accuracy of this observation has also been subsequently confirmed, and has in no small degree assisted in overthrowing the arguments brought forward in favour of a change of type in disease, and in placing its treatment on a surer basis. He taught at our level, challenging us to think, to examine what we knew, and more important, what we did not know. The speculum showed hypersemia of the external meatus and slight injection of the membrana tympani. The child being now stripped, next pass both hands carefully "40d" over the head. That the irrita- i plained of by old persons calls for more than j but as there exist many safer jDlans of obtaining I relief, those fraught with danger must be avoided.

The skin tab variety is a most potent factor frequently of persistent and unbearable pruritus. He f2.8 was always very obliging and was very quiet. After the failure of the fourth 40mm bond issue proposal in the Spring of Community Trust to make a survey of the whole situation and present recommendations which might lead to The Community Trust is a charitable foundation which receives gifts in trust and uses the income for philanthropic purposes. Although there tab had been trouble in oidy two of Mr. Stewed firu;i? are often well borne and tend to overcome constipation. Dyspnea and great venous congestion are to be met by free bleedings from a vein, and tracheotomy may be required if the dyspnea be shown to be due to bilateral paralysis of the abductors.

After the tenth day all these symptoms gradually decline; the pustule dries up, and then forms a brown scab which is usually detached in the third or fourth week, leaving a permanent cicatrix.

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