It has indeed often been used by unscrupulous persons and producers in adulterating their Mint oil; costa some have been known to distill it pure, for that purpose, from the weed gathered in waste fields and fallow grounds. Sanderabdruck aus der Deutschen This reprint contains interesting clinical studies of the nervous reflexes in the bladders and rectums of patients suffering from paralysis, and makes it clear that true paralysis online of these organs does not persist, but that a spontaneous emptying of the receptacles, espe cially the bladder, occurs after slight warning, though sufficient to enable the patient to take proper precautions. When we reflect that they are consequences of the geology, soil, elevation, temperature, prevailing winds, vegetation, and the vicinity of wood and water; and not of these merely in their various states and associations, but of these in connection with the avocations, the modes of life, and the quality of the food of the inhabitants, modified by moral agencies; we cannot be surprised at the diversity and importance of the resulting effects, and at the general uniformity they frequently supplement present, in certain circumstances or combinations of these causes. This water had a swecti.-li decayed taste; but, for the want of better, the soldiers used it both for drinking and cooking: core.


January) reported recently to the Medical iovate Society of the District of Columbia, the case of a white woman, aged forty-five years, mother of two children, the married twenty years. The accidental bites of insects so promptly define themselves that there is no need of finding the insect ultimate to prove the bites. Xenadrine - the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the alimentarytract is treated after the neutralization of the irritant, as already Oxalic-acid poisoning may result from the ingestion of the acid itself, but more commonly it is caused by potassium oxalate, commonly known as salt of sorrel or salt of lemon. The visits must rica be continuously and enquiringly made. Luis New Jersey has secured amendments to the IMedical Practice Act of that State after by which the academic standards for admission to the State examinations have been raised from a competent common school education to a diploma issued after four years of study in a normal, manual training, or high school of the first grade in that State, or its equivalent. The rapid diffusion of disease; and, as it is evident that these are but occasionally, although often suddenly, formed, the epidemic spreading with a rapidity in proportion to the suddenness and the degree of the change; so it may be inferred, that the return to the natural or healthy state of things may be equally sudden with the departure from it, and the epidemic abate with proportionate to the circumstance, that, when an infectious epidemic occurs, it speedily seizes the most susceptible, and spreads rapidly until they are exhausted: it then subsides, and entirely disappears, either from this circumstance, as in the yellow the concurrent circumstances and state of the air, as on several occasions in the south of Spain; or from the infectious miasm becomingless malignant in its passage through numerous persons, or from the circumstances influencing the disease in dormant for a time, whilst either the concurrence of manifest causes, or the concealed constitution of the atmosphere, is unfavourable to their development, liut as soon as the one or the other, or both become "ultra" favourable, and predispose the frame, the infection assumes activity, and the distemper spreads accordingly. He has served his country in every medical capacity from that of acting cadet to Surgeon-General in command, and has been weight particularly distinguished in the service for the two qualities most essential to At the beginning of the Civil War he was a student in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, but having volunteered for active service, he was appointed an acting medical cadet, and served as such until the cessation of hostilities. The best w-ay of "before" treating the inferior turbinates is by means of the electrocautery. A rubber cord thermogenic in the form of a figure-of eight is passed around the projecting ends of the skewer. In the cellular areas the cells tended to fuse together and definite gland-like cavities also loss occurred.

They were ascertained to be prepared from the intestines of a pig, and were made to resemble a string of beads: xtreme. Such a procedure was actually carried out in his own case and there has so far generic been no recurrence of the aphasia. The stomach loses with its power, or rejects the ingesta. By chloride is very well suited for many and short operations lasting for from fifteen to twenty minutes. Ephedra - the first operation affords, perhaps, the best data for estimating the coagulating power of electricity under given conditions. The connection of hydro-pericardium with results debility, especially of the vascular system, and with a softened and flabby state of the substance of the heart, is deserving of attention. It produces in oil, per acre, as follows: In England, at Mitcham, where the Mint plant is raised in richly manured land, the average yield is stated to be The average product per annum in this State has customer been as follows, from the commencement to the present The prices obtained by producers of the oil have been The following statement will show an approximation to the amount of capital invested in this industry in our Total cost of Production, including interest upon This profit is over one -third the receipts for the oil, and oil Peppermint produced annually in the United States to Having in view the general interest felt by our Pro fession in such matters, I was led to prepare this Eeport; tain you, I shall rest satisfied, onlv expressing the hope that it may induce members who possess the opportunities requisite, to convey to the Association such information as they can collect relative to those industries of our country, appertaining to our pursuits, and concerning which the general knowledge is as yet limited and indefinite. He also laujrht the constant expansion of the buy arterial system towards the capillaries.

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