Ask a patient or a colleague what they think pubic about it. Furthermore, our sunshine is not bedimmed in deficiency any way by this opportunity to meet and grasp the hands of our fellow practitioners in true fraternal greetings; to exchange ideas with them, and hear them express their aims and ambitions, their hopes and their fears. Do - in none of his works is this excellent quality more apparent than in the work before us, which we confidently recommend to our readers as highly instructive and entertaining.

The deeper the color, the higher 18 up and the more active the abnormal peristalsis. This accident is plainly marked by the change in on each side of the olecranon there is a depression; the articulating end of the "fall" humerus can be felt in front; the hand and fore arm are in a state of supination, and cannot be pronated; and the fore arm is slightly flexed on the arm. Ligation of the Common Carotid "treatment" Artery sternothyroid, omohyoid, descenden noni nerve, sternomastoid artery, superior and mid: thyroid veins, and anterior EtternaUy.--- -Internal jugular vein and pneumo-gastric nerve, inferior thyroid artery, larynx and pharynx. Ordered a grain of sulphate of quinine in solution twice scalp a day. The first advantage is the individual betterment of the case, getting them out of bed earlier, back to work and into useful life in a much shorter period: coeliac.

" In about a your month, a bony union became evident at the lower extremity of the fracture which proceeded rapidly, and so agglutinated the lower portion as to prevent the necessity of the box: shooting pains were frequently experienced in the limb, and aiiy attempt to disturb it produced considerable suffering. Let us, and however, not be misunderstood; the framing of the archetype is not the first but ahnost the last step in our homological inquiries.

The growth along the stab zyflamend forms a thin canal that runs out to a point. Baynton; the middle of the first strip being placed upon the back of the leg, with its upper edge opposite to the lower margin of the ulcer, the ends are brought round to the front, drawn firmly, and laid down smoothly, one over the other; the second strip must cover the upper third of the first, and the same proceeding must be followed with as many strips as the size of the ulcer may require: shampoo. Bromide of potash affords relief in reduce some cases, but it is usually necessary to give very large doses. The same author also suggests that when vomiting becomes a troublesome symptom, the medicine be given immediately after a spell, in order that it may have a chance to remain longer in of the stomach and some portion of it be absorbed.

Strong uterine contractions while the operation is proceeding (iron).


To - wilmot was, as hasjoeen already stated, a very neat and adroit operator, to which the circumstance of his being ambidextered assisted. We recommend that this association should now take definite steps and make persistent effort to bring about uniformity of requirements by these bodies, either by appointment of a special committee or special authorization of an existing committee (does). In summing up the subject, it would seem that there are bm two serious objections in wliirh can be offered to this operation, viz., the pain attending it and the danger of inoculation.

Pozzy gives in review the history of the use of pus as a' medium for culture, which is short and then gives the technic which he has followed in his observations and cause experiments. The most characteristic property juice of this microbe is its power of causing dextrose to ferment; occasionally, however, the reaction fails to take place. When onion the indigestion has developed to any great extent, dieting alone seldom cures. It may make disappear after gentle rubbing or faradization of the abdomen or after tight bandaging. As the body is supported wholly on the legs, the toes extend to a great length, to afford a broad base, the legs are placed forwards upon the sides of the pelvis, the trunk is inclined backwards upon these organs of support; the neck and head are proportionally elongated, to reach the food upon the ground, and the you arms and hands are folded longitudinally along the sides of the trunk, as in the bats. I never saw an instance of maculated fever in a child under five years, but I saw many instances of the short relapse-fever in children under that age (female). Elections always do this to "hair" me, particularly Presidential elections. In our first editorial in the November number we stated"there must be space for contributions if the periodical is to be a Journal in fact as well as name", and that we wished to"have a sufficient variety of articles of timely interest to appeal to the progressive practitioner, who, after all, is the bulwark of the profession"; and again that"for community of interest there must also be due consideration for the ordinary and every day affairs that touch all practitioners" (natural).

The course to be pursued is as follows: Bandage the limb from one extremity to the other so as make careful and regular pressure throughout its whole extent; both above and beloiv the wound, along the track of the main artery, apply a compress saturated with the persulphate of iron, or some other styptic; elevate the limb; apply an ice bladder, or a continuous stream of cold water immediately over the wound; give an opiate, and command absolute quiet (for). The Tibia may be dislocated growth backwards, forwards inwards, outwards, and backwards and outwards though the accident is of rare occurrence.

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