What Makes Marketing Go Viral

There's only one thing that will make your marketing efforts go viral, and that's other people.


People always want to know how to make a web video go viral, get more fans on Facebook, or build an email database. The remarkably simple answer is create an experience.

It's an age-old rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. No one is going to market or sell for you unless you give them a darn good reason.

We're going to sit down an talk about not what your consumers can do for you, but what you can do for your consumers to make them want to promote your business.

Director of Promotion & Circulation
My career began in the PR department of my Alma Mater, the University of Southern California, where I managed the filming of professional commercials, television shows, and feature films for 8 years. In that time, I worked with every major movie studio, most major media outlets, and a host of Hollywood's A-list talent. Among my proudest achievements are USC's participation in ABC's Apprentice-like reality show "The Scholar" and CNN's Democratic Primary Debates, both of which garnered national attention for the University. Also in that time, I founded Encompass PR with fellow alum and good friend David Holmes and began facilitating events, media relations, and fundraising activities for non-profits and community organizations. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In 2006, my wife, Jessica, and I, along with our daughter Jordyn and yellow Lab Hunter, moved to Cedar Park, TX for the family-friendly environment. I have since served in numerous marketing, PR, and development roles in the greater Austin area, including: → Director of Development, Beyond the Lights Celebrity Golf Tournament → Director of Communications, HealthYes! Preventive Screening → Marketing Committee Member, American Red Cross of Central Texas → Communications Council Member, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce → Ambassador, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce → Communications Officer (Board Member), City of Austin's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) → Director of Promotion & Circulation, Texas CEO Magazine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I can happily say that I have been blessed with both experience and opportunity, having learned a great deal about what drives certain people and certain companies to success, while others only talk about it. As I love bringing people together, challenging conventional wisdom, and speaking in public, when a good friend opened my eyes to the world and possibilities of social media, I was blown away. An avid reader, listener, and connector, I didn't take me long to realize that platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter were going to revolutionize both interpersonal and interprofessional communications. I have been helping entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses understand the social dynamics behind these technologies and leverage their power for customer engagement and reputation building since 2008. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------