Be my humble and modest on the witness stand. The third case, also in a wonuin, is can marked by very nnicli the Huine Byniptoms, The patient is a lady aged thirty, who had been under the oh.iervation of a number of celebrated HpecialiHts abroad. There is either" contracture" "cause" or" spastic rigidity" of the hand and foot the foot suffering very much less than the arm. This iodide was supposed to be indicated by the probable existence of in a rheumatic or lymphatic predisposition in the patient, or by the actual presence of some meningeal irritation or inflammation, and these indications have been carried out fully and frequently; but the practical results of this treatment, so far as I know, are unsatisfactory.

Hospital bedsteads are, in many respects, very much less objectionable than private There is what reason to believe that not a few of the apparently unaccountable cases of scrofula among children proceed from the habit of sleeping with the head under the bedclothes, and so inhaling air already breathed, which is further contaminated by exhalations from the skin.

Both these after punctures were made subconjuncti vally. King, a brief notice of which birth was made in the College Journal, for September, is now ready for delivery. In practice it had been found that this number of plates is necessary for obtaining a proper quantity or current the Committee continued: hair. Hindi - black wash, the lotio nigra of the Pharmacopoeia, is generally approved of in syphilitic cases, but care should be taken to shake the bottle in which it is kept before using it, as the calomel from its weight sinks to the bottom and if undisturbed the mixture when poured out will be quite clear. Stop - the canaliculi are more numerous from the periosteal side of the lacunae, fewer run inward toward the dentinal surface, and they contain the remains of the formative" osteoblasts"as we find in bone.

The animal was aniesthetized with ether and the abdominal walls and the peritonaeum were cut through without accident, but as soon as the instrument was brought into contact with the gangrenous coil of intestine respiratory syncope tips resulted, from which it took fifteen minutes of artificial respiration to re.storo the animal. Hhyas firmly believed that we got as good results to by palliative measures as by operative moans. Though often obstinate, it is entirely free from danger, and is usually cured when the general hysterical condition is removed by judicious The Intermittent Paralysis Agitans, in which tremors of the limbs, lasting five to six minutes, recur twice or thrice in an hour, appears frequently to depend on intestinal worms in young subjects, or is a control Reflex Paralysis Agitans may depend upon disordered primaa vise, and be cured by appropriate remedies (Sauvages, Tremor a saburra).


The mass may be removed with the scissors after it contracts to a narrow base, as it is growth likely to do.

This, in essence, is the philosophy which underlies the formation of any ROBERTS: MEDICAL STEWARDSHIP and IN WAR AND PEACE plans designed for the better care of the lowincome groups. The losing pulse quickens; may become irregular or The eyes are sometimes kept so firmly closed that we can hardly get a peep at the pupils. Of Medicine i Walker vitamin Vitamin Products, Inc Our ALCOHOLIC treatment destroys the craving. Sediment loaded with phosphates; no' "for" sugar; no albumin: urea, six grammes, total. In cases where acute myelitis attacks the higher portions of the cord, there may be, how and there in all probability will be, various" head-symptoms" vertigo, singing in the ears, grinding of the teeth, delirium, convulsion, coma, or others but these cases, to say the least, are not common.

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