Web Marketing Fundamentals - PPC

How to do paid search without blowing your budget


This session will cover

Paid Search Fundamentals:
Before spending any money with an online advertising campaigns, it's important to understand the basics, including...
-The difference between pay per click listings and organic listings
-How cost is determined and how to set an effective budget
-An overview of the campaign creation process with AdWords

Keyword Selection and Ad Copy Creation:
Deciding which search terms are worth targeting and writing compelling copy that brings in visitors is absolutely essential, so we'll discuss...
-How to create a keyword list that is relevant and cost-effective
-Using Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative terms to lure in high quality traffic
-Tips for enticing potential customers to click on your ad
-How to get the most out of the limited space allotted by the ad copy guidelines

Best Practices:
Understanding what works and what doesn't is what separates successful online advertising campaigns from ones that lose money, so we'll cover...
-Split testing for optimized results
-Ad scheduling and geographic targeting
-Bidding strategies
-Analyzing important analytical data
-How to take the next step by hiring a competent agency or learning more yourself


If you want to learn how to make your website more effective, get more traffic from natural search & social media, or if you want to learn how to explore issues of ecommerce sites in-depth, experts from Apogee Search will be presenting additional topics on Wednesday and Thursday under the titles “Web Marketing Fundamentals”. (Feel free to drop in at any point in the series).
Senior Paid Search Specialist
Derek Beyer has been working in Search Engine Marketing with an emphasis in Pay Per Click for the past 6 years. He has worked with well over 150 clients of all sizes and industries, both internationally and locally. Gilbert Montemayor is a Senior Paid Search Specialist at Apogee Search. Before moving into the realm of paid search, he started off as a graphic artist and web designer. He has a degree in Digital Advertising and Media Planning from the University of Texas. Todd Greenbaum is a Paid Search Specialist at Apogee Search. He manages paid advertising campaigns on behalf of small business clients. Todd has provided services and worked directly with more than 100 clients as an online business consultant for 6 years.