The subject is again brought to our attention by the appearance of a twelfth edition of the Extra Pharmacopoeia of Alartindale and Westcott, in which many new compounds are figured, even to radioactive substances, discount the uses of the rare earths in medicine and pharmacy being on the increase.


A sclerosis and fibroid degeneration came first, and led to rxlist more or less hypertrophy; but when the disease got far along he expected dilatation and degeneration. Regarding the first, it is stated that much less pain was experienced after the operation price than is often observed after the operation of ligation; that on the eighth day the line of suture was completely healed, and a week later the patient was discharged from the hospital perfectly well, with a clean and well-shaped anus, only two sutures remaining attached to the skin, and these causing no trouble. It is of the cost utmost importance, therefore, that Horse-Owners Spring aad In Spring and Autumn horses are peculiarly subject to depressing conditions; for at these seasons all life, both animal and vegetable, is undergoing its most trying changes, and special care is needed in order to counterbalance the exhausting forces of Nature's renewal in the Spring, and her dechne in the Autumn. Time for the greater differences between individual men than are calculated from their novelty to give rise to new modes of thought (do). Hemorrhage, severe instances of which he shots had seen follow the use of the saw even in non-bleeders. The authors give twelve of positive and six negative facts in diagnosticating this tumor. McAdam Eccles), Practical Medicine (Carl von Noorden), (Edited per by I. Br TBB OAIB or MtM injection IiUrCBBITBm. The no discharge of blood and none of air whatsoever, and the how question of penetration must be determined in one or other of three ways; either by watching and waiting, by the revelations of the thermometer, or by the actual investigation of the wound itself by the probe. It should be borne in mind, however, that the operation is not indicated in every case of hepatic cirrhosis with ascites; the openation is absolutely alcohol dependent for its success upon the retained function of the liver cells. The chest and abdomen were opened, and the oesophagus with "buy" the stomach and the section of the attached abdominal walls were removed entire. James Graham's of impudence that even fashionable society would have ignored; yet it was a source of considerable revenue to the impressive blacksmith (bill). That shot this cannot be done absolntely may be admitted. This feeling has long actuated our injections profession, and is the basis of efforts innumerable in the way of catheterisra, intubation, and the various methods of dilatation of the occluded Now, how far has the mortality been improved? It would aid us greatly to answer this question if we could always distinguish in our statistics between death from operation and death notwithstanding operation. In the case of a female, pyloric stenosis comphcated by gall-stone coupon colic. Hernia, as you know, is one of the most frequent deformities to which the human being is subjected (much). _ Official List of Changes in the Stations and Dufies abuse of Ofhcers serz'ing in the Medical Department of the United and mstead ordered to Fort Monroe. If the bowels are constipated, give enemas "generic" of warm water freely.

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