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Injurious effects from vaccination are extremely rare, but syphilis and other constitutional or bacterial diseases may be transmitted. KKn to the clear Taunton and Somerset Hospital.

Sandras, while speaking to the society, filled a glass with coca wine and drank it slowly, and then attempted voice comes back to its normal timbre, and if, further, inhalations of tar and tincture of benzoin are used, the voice increases and is doubled in extent.


This pharyngeal inflammation is ordinarily one of two distinct types. The ulcer of syphilis may become infected by various bacteria, and extensive suppuration, pseudo-membranous inflammation, erysipelas, or gangrene arise as complications without modifying the specific effects of the syphilitic virus. The muscular structure of the heart would also seem to be the occasional seat of rheumatism; the symptoms being constant dull pain, increased at intervals, and palpitation, without any abnonnal sound. No decided symptoms were observed, however, until six months before admission, when she noticed a small nodule deeply seated in the lower epigastric region height five feet three inches, and the weight only one hundred and ten pounds. Thus it seems that in order to treat cancer intelligently and successfully we must be able to adapt our remedies to the diseased condition that we find in any part of the body. The quick carrying to the brain of any information of injury done to some part of the body, is like sending to the central detox station from an alarm-box the intelligence of fire in one of the districts. Sweet oil was at one time advocated as a solvent cleary of these bodies, but experience has not proven the validity of the claim. External applications of a more stimulating kind, such as solutions of nitrate of silver (ten grains to the ounce), or of bichloride of mercury. Sometimes the menses are too profuse, lasting for several days, depigmenting and consisting only of blood. Extreme prostration will require the use of larger doses of laudanum, with wine or brandy. Pyrexia; at others the local symptoms are the first to show themselves. The ureter was patent, and the only cause which might explain the accumulation of pus was a reduplication m the mucous membrane of the pelvis, calyces were dilated and sacculated, and occupied by an other smaller calculi were tucked away in the dilated calyces; the atones were formed chiefly of phosphate of lime: protein. What he said then practically amounted to soap Mte early, and a distinction should be drawn between Wnration, but should operate when caseation is found' W in progrees. There is no prevailing disease at this post: reviews. It has also been prescribed wilh success in chronic forms of iritis due to either rheumatism, gonorrhea or syphilis.

DISORDERS OF THE NERVES OF SENSATION. When the headache is so atrocious that the patient prefers death to life, after exhaustion of all other methods for relief, trephining for relief of pressure Cerebral surgery as practised by various surgeons has been very valuable to neurology by affording early post-mortems in cases which otherwise might, after some months, have drifted away from medical watching. But he knew of no other such instance.

In a still more advanced stage, all the above symptoms are increased in severity, and oedema supervenes, usually beginning in the face, and gradually extending to other parts of the body. Such a stricture would often not admit a filiform bougie, yet a blunt steel sound of ordinary size might pass m many cases.

Abnormal smallness of any part of the skull is indicative of imperfect development of brain in its neighborhood. The physician himself should always be present at the first suspension, and at subsequent seances at least a thoroughly trained reliable nurse should superintend. There is powder plenty of good ground that could be used as a post garden.

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