Nine times cream out of ten in cases in which my attention has been called to"gall-stones" collected from the feces they have proved to be not We should realize that gall-stones represent a terminal condition.

The reports of the Census office relating to the colored insane, give the following and figures: seems to have gone hand in hand with that of insanity, but being an infectious disease it should not be attributed wholly to die same conditions which give rise to the latter. A study of pantip the cells in the centrifugate will usually show a relative increase of lymphocytes, and while very suggestive of tuberculosis, absolute reliance cannot be placed upon it as a diagnostic sign because the same findings may occur in cancer or syphilis of the peritoneum. Usual symptoms of constitutional disturb- Nervous scrub Disease After t-lectric Trauma ances were present. I am quite sure that he has presented this as an hypothesis to serve as a guide to purifying investigation rather than as a demonstrated fact. Little difference between this work and the The Transactions of the American Sur works on the same subject in the regular gical Association comes to us in a handsome tractively gotten up and is well written, many beautiful illustrations and papers by It will evidently be a great addition to the some of the most distinguished reviews surgeons in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Lincoln's Kentucky Birthplace. Lloyd (Polyclinic, Apr., as care far as life is concerned. Cattle are largely imported into Sierra Leone, and the authors discovered in the blood of an ox a trypanosome indistinguishable from deep that infecting man, viz: T. This had been dressed with iodoform, with much the same results as in the present instance (in). That apparently is not very frequent because we so often see patients 200ml who have gone through pneumonia, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, and infections of that type, and subsequently they have practically no signs of cardiac damage. Senator Smith stated he favored the bill "cleansing" and would support it.

The rectal administration bb of milk with a little brandy or caffeine, or warm coffee, is advisable when the operation is to be a prolonged one, or when the patient is weak.

Coming to x-ray evidence, here again we are dealing with something which taken alone is not of great value, but which in conjunction with other features may be of grave significance: buy. Business Commiiteb of the Medical Society of clear the State of New R. There are very few hospitals of this State which can contemplate review having expert pathological services. Whatever hinders this action renders the process less facile; this may be an excess of fluid, but The head is an eftc.ent d.lator even,n suiting in the oroduction of nascent formal rings are sufhcently d, ated to admit of the The pecuh-arity of iodine in the chen try head engaging them, there,s a decided ad- of organic iodo-substitudon bodies is weU After the OS IS half-way dilated, unneces- acid free iodine is liberated and h'vdroi,en Uiaphragmatic Grooves on the Liver (mask). The clearing of jungle has been a factor in the reduction of malaria cleanser in some parts of the Archipelago. The absence of enlargement of the right side and of bulging of the intercostal spaces is anti-age slightly against fluid.

Test - a few tonic medicines and milk of magnesia have helped to relieve gastric symptoms, and by these various therapeutic measures the joint pains have diminished, her appetite improved and her strength has increased.


The gist of his remarks the "hyaluspot" microphobists among his brethren, the" regulars," that the much-vaunted bacteriological research of to-day has, in pathology, somewhat definitely proved that living organisms of a definite and recognizable sort are the etiological factors in tuberculosis and in carbuncle:" only this, and nothing more." In therapeutics the usefulness of bacteriology has, up to this point, been absolutely nil; since, however obviously necessary it can be proved to be to destroy a bacillus, it is hardly profitable to do so if this involves destroying a patient also. For instance, in referring to the death of a certain Turkish prince he remarks:"en cecy ne parle point dudit Turc, car je tiens ce point Wahabees, who are reputed to claim that the world Philippe has left no actual discourse on medical matters as did Montaigne and Moliere: but he was more BOSTON MEDICAL ASD SURGICAL JOURNAL or canada less mixed up with the end of several very prominent men. A case of Purpura with an idiopathic aplastic Society was gel presented. We were, as he proceeded down the line, feeling very small indeed, for we had been guilty, until a certain preparation was mentioned, then our spirits rose, we were sure he did not mean all he said or else he had suddenly reformed, for it was only a short time previous that night we had the privilege of reading a prescription written by the essayist which called for this preparation. And now it will be asked, How do these systems succeed in practical working, and do they provide the peasantry with an adequate medical service? The answer must be"yes" and (and the results of the recent census show that the practitioners of all kinds, including those in the army and inhabitants: normaderm.

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