Jennifer Graham
raw and living food and Detox consultant
Jennifer Graham is the creative force behind rawBella. Waking up at 235 lbs, Jennifer reinvented her body, transformed her mind and spirit by developing healthy methods to raw food living. Having lost over 70 lbs, Jennifer now lives a healthy and fulfilling life as a raw food consultant and educator. THE JOURNEY The journey to living a raw food lifestyle did not come easy. Growing up, Jennifer was always conscience of her weight. Weighing on her self-esteem and emotional stability, Jennifer found comfort in food as early as the age of 8. Unable to control her eating, Jennifer’s weight was an increasing battle that she was losing. As a young woman, Jennifer witnessed the dangers of unhealthy eating by enduring the pain of watching family members suffer from heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, and even amputations. All caused from the effects of eating unhealthy foods. Fighting the weight was equally as difficult for Jennifer who recounts her days of eating eggs, cheese and hot dogs for an entire summer, purchasing liquid diets and countless diet pills. Yet despite her short-term weight loss and gain of hundreds of pounds over the span of her life, Jennifer was never able to find true happiness with herself or with food. By the age of 35, Jennifer had grown tired of feeling the pressure to be thin and the depression of being overweight. Jennifer developed a vision for herself as a healthy energized woman with the use of a Vision Board and began to educate herself on the true meaning of food. It was through education that she was able to find a new woman inside. A woman that is now vibrant, Spiritually connected, free of depression and living life blissfully. Jennifer began her journey by video blogging her experiences on YouTube to help others overcome the fears of living a raw food lifestyle. Jennifer chronicled various techniques that included detoxing the body, weight training and weight loss. During the journey, Jennifer counseled countless others who were inspired by her transformation from ordinary to extraordinary. The joy that Jennifer found in helping others achieve their goals set into motion the creation of rawBella. THE LIFESTYLE rawBella is a life transformation of health from existing to living. rawBella is a solution and not a quick fix. rawBella consultations provide clients with tools to incorporate in the grind of everyday life simply, yet fulfilling. During consultations, rawBella will empower you to learn to control urges for high fructose foods replacing them with high vibrational foods. rawBella designs elixirs that create a desire to eat foods that give you energy and a desire to exercise the body. rawBella is a true lifestyle transformation to bring a balance to the whole body using a mixture of nutrition, exercise and overall wellness. rawBella provides solutions from fast food to SuperFoods that are naturally designed to bring about SuperEnergy. THE TRUTH Food is more than just about filling our bellies; it’s about the fulfillment of the whole body. rawBella provides an outlet to discover the truths and dispel the myths about what we intake. rawBella is an educational and informative approach to bringing about real change to a real battle. Created on the inspiration of one, developed to inspire the many, rawBella is more than about food, it’s about you. Join the rawBella journey today and learn how to manifest the real you into existence.