Jennie Y. Chen
As a doctorate candidate in social psychology, Jennie view social media as live-streamed social interaction. Social media is one method in which online communities communicate. As a member of numerous online communities including Yelp, Jennie believes that social interaction and relationships are fundamental in everything we do. As an Elite Yelp member for three years, Jennie will teach you how to hack the Yelp community and figure out how to use social media to turn negative feedback into cheerleaders. Jennie was voted 2009 Austin's Chronicle Best of Most Diversified Portfolio and nominated for the 2009 Texas Social Media Awards. She also has the Guinness World Record for best fuel economy across the 48 contiguous states. Jennie founded MisoHungry, a food blog; Keep Austin Dog Friendly, an educational resource for the dog community; and Austin Drive Clean, a group dedicated to promoting safe and efficient driving. In her free time, Jennie enjoys teaching psychology, training, showing, and handling dogs; organizing Austin's Cupcake Smackdowns, and inline skating.
Stage of Entrepreneurship: Current business owner