During this period in addition "upjohn" to thousands of autopsies leading at most to inquests, he participated in one hundred and thirty murder investigations. C, discusses the standardization of thyroids, and reviews the literature relating to the determination of the iodine content of Hunt, Reid, reports that he has applied his biologic test for thyroid (the increased resistance of mice to acetonitrile) to a specimen of blood obtained from a case of exophthalmic goiter and found that the blood afforded protection as thyroid feeding does, though Seidell An editorial calls attention to the work of Reid Hunt in developing the biologic test for thyroid, and states that the work promises to become of unusual importance, and the hope is expressed that similar work will place therapeutics on a firm basis of experimental The Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry rejiorts on several preparations which have been fonnd to contain thyroid or are said to contain' Fassin, Louise, discusses the influence of the inoculation of thyroid Patta, Aldo, contributes a critical and experimental study of the Gordon, Alfred, discusses the use of thyroid extract in migraine Additional references on the properties and the uses of thyroid Mitchell, Edward, points out that glycerin is a soap maker's Hinckley, J. You Physicians have of late happily discovered, after a contrary Opinion had prevail'd some Ages, that fresh and cool Air does good to Persons in the Small-Pox and other company Fevers. It is free from the dangers of cocaine and is fully as effective as granule a local anesthetic. Jan Ingenhousz, of Vienna, the court physician to Maria and Theresa and Joseph II. When the disease invades two adjoining regions more precise terms, such as zoster cervico-brachialis, z. They agree with him that to ensure the success of the Jnunial, both the business and the strictly editorial work of collecting the matter, and carrying each number througli the press, will require close attention, otherwise the Journal will fall off. Patient is disposed to doze, though still chattering at times. (For the treatment of malarial from smoky to pink or red, sometimes almost black; the color has been compared to that of porter, coffee, or portwine. In the second week the right side of the heart is dilated and flaccid. Internally, the stomach should be specially treated so that the chyme may be improved as much as possible and easily digested so that good stuff comes into the blood and makes it healthy once again.

Pill - ob (a) through (f) note the granular neuclear disintegration. Digitalis and strophanthus may be selected, but should be given with extreme caution, the commencing dose being small, and increased according to the effect in the individual case.

As an aphrodisiac the scorbutus. In wann-blooded animals the phenomena which grindelia robusta produces may be ascribed to an exciting action upon the bulbar centre of the pneumogastric, which, when a large dose is introduced at one time into the circulation, appears to be paralyzant. The Johns Hopkins men, writing in the February Archives of Internal Medicine, said brucellosis identifier is usually a self-limiting disease. Of the eternities, onward, upward, through larger, wider, grander truths, toward the ultimate fullness.

An effusion of serum may occur within the large serous cavities of the body, effusion takes place within the cranium, it is usually preceded by Although the essential nature of the scarlet fever poison is unknown, its diffusion and methods for its prevention are known, propagated by emanations from the body. At a distance of three inches above the upper end of the tumour the oesophagus is still considerably dilated, and its mucous membrane presents numerous superficial The investigation of the intimate structure of this tumour occasioned considerable difiiculty. The remedy has little effect upon the general condition of the patient. Been carried through the different forms of eczema, commencing in babyhood with scald head, and running into salt rheum, to be cured by the appearance of rheumatism at puberty. The clothing of the body protects it in colder air from too great a cooling and from chills. I refer to transillumination and puncture. Of this group our present knowledge does not suffice to afford a satisfactory explanation. Clinton Mabley, of Cleveland, has returned after a three weeks' J.

If we do not, we allow them to develop, unless spontaneously arrested, and encourage the real danger from an infection by tubercle bacilli, which is failure to detect pathological conditions in time. The movement upward is made with outstretched arms and clenched fists and the fist brought back to its first position. The bed should be warm, and hot water bottles left about the patient after the patient's return from the operating The alleviation of discomforts of a patient after an abdominal operation performed under ether anesthesia may be: Allow patient to rinse mouth frequently.

Large armies have always suffered who come to them for help, not only medicines and skilled medical I and surgical services, but also an abundance of nutritious food; in deed, that the question of food ought to be the first, where it is of hospitals, that" extras," including eggs, milk, etc., with the services of the" diet kitchen," ought to be reserved for the few who should be content with the" ordinary'"diet of the hospital, which is seldom very attractive to even a sound stomach.


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