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How entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to solving social challenges


Will share with the audience my experience of teaching social entrepreneurship to an after school apprenticeship program at Kealing Middle School through Citizen Schools. The apprenticeship was simple, ask the students what social challenges/needs they had and develop entrepreneurial solutions to address those challenges. Sounds easy right? Well the kids did great and it just goes to show you that the right kind of entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to address social challenges.

I will quickly cover my 10 week experience with the audience as a warm up to the fun part, a condensed hands on workshop to do the same thing the students did in developing entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges.

As a group we will identify one to three social challenges Austin faces. In one hour's time, we will collectively come up with entrepreneurial solutions to address those social challenges in the form of an initial business concept.

If a class of 15 6th graders can develop 3 entrepreneurial solutions to address 5+ challenges they face every day, surely a group of adults can do the same.

This is going to be a very hands on workshop. The first segment will be me sharing my experience teaching social entrepreneurship to a class of 6th graders in East Austin. After that, I will introduce a condensed version of my 10 week after school apprenticeship plan to about an hour. Come ready to fire off ideas and experience how easy it is to apply entrepreneurial thinking to address social challenges.

Please come only if you plan to participate and be engaged. Session success and enjoyment hinges on the participation of the audience.

Join me for an hour and half that will inspire you to do something that is going to have an impact locally, if not globally.


Info on location: 911 West Anderson Lane is at the confluence of Anderson Lane, Lamar, and 183. We’re in Suite 203, which is upstairs, right in the middle of the retail center. Parking is free and there is ample. In back, up front, or even in the covered parking at the East end of the center. Cospace is part of the Lamar Gateway retail center across from the pink gorilla and the Bingo parlor. The 7720 Lamar/Stobaugh and the Anderson/Watson stops are the closest bus stops to us. The North Lamar Transit Center is just on the other side of 183.
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