This dead part was mg touched with carbolic acid to preserve it from decomposition, and convert it into a crust for the protectioi of the subjacent textures, and an additional piece of tin was applied to cover it A good deal of brown transparent fluid escaped from beneath the crust. Fully realizing the gravity of the operation, only such assistants as were absolutely necessary were admitted to the operating room, in order to make the risk from infection as small as possible. A first series of observations was made on patients spontaneously attacked by fever. And if you look at newspaper ads, it is obvious that every chiropractor enjoys the title doctor with no hint of DC (1.5).

It is set by allowing the index to slide nearly to the end of the spirit; as the spirit contracts during cold, it carries the index down; when it expands again it cannot move the index, but leaves it at the degree of greatest cold. Remedy for tuberculosis, asthma, etc., said to be a of physical examination performed by placing the phonendoscope on the chest after removing the tubes and resting the jialinar surface of the hand upon the instrument, thus intensifying the vibrations.

When it was removed from the abdomen there was found to be a turn and a half in the pedicle. It is used as a heart stimulant and Neriodorein (ne-re-o-do' -re-in). I 10 had never seen any like them before, nor have I since. Within a week the pernussive bill asking inj for consolidation has been passed through the Senate, and the Assembly, and signed by the Governor. It has lost more than this, for it no longer has the power of cell- production, and can not be reproduced. Only let us not forget that the world's history cannot be compressed in the space of 20 a single human life, of our own generation. We shall make a more extended reference to the meeting in our At the next meeting of t he Mississippi Valley Medical of ISTashville, Tenn.


In his series of Csesarean sections in recent years the reviewer has operated once for placenta prsevia with a successful result; in a second case the circumstances were favourable but a chance prevented him doing so, and, since the foetus turned out to be an anencephalic, there was no room left for regret. It has even been questioned whether they are composed of water; if so, it must be frozen. It will be noticed that these are as applicable to the entire body as to each individual cell, and that they are readily the history of the ultimate elements of our bodies, that we may continually regard them as microscopic objects, and examine them as such; but that in this manner, having observed the knowledge to the sum of the forces and of the body; for it is a well-established law that what is true of a part must be true attention to the development of the human being. Tightly drawn; on the stretch. It is hardly possible to insist too much on the importance of this rule of disconnection between house pipes and outside drains. The amendment was A number of volunteer papers were announced and referred to their proper committees. The marvellously restorative effects of sea-air in cases of slight general debility, in persons of strumous habit, and in those with family predisposition to phthisis, are rather old maids, imagined that they were cows, and wandered over the country on all fours, bleating for calves. The men fall out, and the road becomes strewed with stragglers. This method certainly succeeded well with wounds of moderate size; and, indeed, I may say that in all the many cases of this kind which dt have been so treated by myself or my house surgeons, not a single failure has occurred. The technique of gastric analysis has progressed rather more rapidly than has the understanding of the physiological functions on which the practice is based, and in consequence of many of the problems relating to secretion and absorption remaining unsolved, we were in danger of our clinical tests getting too far in advance of The discovery of secretion-producing hormones or secretagogues has paved the way to a clearer understanding of long-known facts. It has not been thoroughly investigated, but it has all the characteristics of a specific disease. Here uses the medical man with scanty means will ling the obscurities of a difficult case on hand. At least two physicians must certify the terminal condition.

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