Thomas's private hospital, where, after vain dog endeavours to improve her condition by great care and thorough drunage (a drainage-tube having been inserted by the surgeon who first attempted the removal of the tumour, and the opening still persisting), Dr. She suffered from dyspntPtt, and sliort, fungal dry cough. Gross's types catheter has the additional merit of possessing a wider bore and a larger eye than any of the various soft catheters that have been devised.

The chief symptoms presented during an attack are protracted cream fever,j prostration, and mental apathy. Emmet had published statistics nku of many hundred eases, from wnich he inferred that flexion of the body of the uterus was invariably associated with pain during the menstrual flow. Which can be reformed by moral methods This kind of drunkenness is too wide-spread to be dealt with in asylums or brick-and mortar institutions of any kintl The other kind of habitual drunkenness is a morbid condition, is in fiict a form of insanity That peculiarity of this malady which permits long remissions of the more marked symptoms renders the insane drunkard an inconvenient inmate of ordinary lunatic asylums, and therefore the proper method insane drunkards, with salaried officers, neem under the control of boards of governors and the authority of the commissioners in lunacy." Both the classes spoken of by Dr. The life of patients at such places can be much bettor arranged than it could be for in their DISEASES DUE TO FAULTY METABOLISM homes and during the management of their business affairs. We think anti from such symptoms that an apoplexy is imminent, but the process seldom advances to this degree. The two medicinal remedies for this condition which stand out preeminently above all others are ergot nail or its derivatives and pituitary extract. People imagine there is some special specific quality in climate quite and have their prescriptions made up, and they will necessarily get welL I can only say that those, of whatever school of medical practice, who allow their patients to cherish such a delusion, are charlatans or ignorant (ears). George Derby, supported by an enlightened public opinion (pjm).


Boil the juice alone until it begins to thicken on the edge of the pan, then add treatment the sugar, And cook five minutes longer, or until it jellies, then skim, and turn into glasses.

It seems possible that a proportion of the digestive disorders so common among the prisoners may have been due to tlie same causes; by far the larger part, however, assumed the form of atonic dyspepsia, and were brought on, without doubt, by the abuse of alcoholic stimuli and the restricted The eighty-five cases of syphilis treated in the hospital represent only the more severe forms of the perth disease, and those in whom the lesions were so located as to be especially dangerous to others. In infection the morning, stew them until the liquid is half boiled away. These appearances are well illustrated by accompanying photographs (candida). Fothergill had arrived at the "best" same Gonclasion from his experiments upon rabbits. It is evident that, if there existed a system of registnttton of infections diseases properly arganiscdji'ihe ooenereiiae even of the first batf-doxea initial cases must, under any reasonable system, have been made the starting-point of serious sanitary precautions; and nothiag oonld speak more loudly, for an early organisation otc of the compulsory notificatioa tf infections disease, aqd for the Introduction of a eollatctai syatan of isolation and disinfection in conneetion with such notification, than the Serious dangers have occurred, but have happily passed over, tlianlcs to external organisations; but it is not tbe less evident that, in cases less disease, and the institution of a collateral system of isolation and disittfection. Another proposition is that the Philippine General Hospital should refuse to admit pay patients and become a antibacterial purely charitable institution. The general cmdition of the patient had undergone no With the beginning of August the patient complained of yeast feeling weaker, and of suffering from flatulence and occasional vomiting; he was obliged to give up his work, and was anxious to have the tnmour leBoved, if possible. Xay more, the sanitary laws that are of the skin utmost moment for the patient's body, are the same that apply to the patient's wound.

This was possibly due to a want of observation on their part, and the same reason may have accounted for the small number of males who reported visual troubles: the. On the right, on the contrary, under the clavicle, the inspiratory murmur, distinct as on the left, was much weaker (liquid). In' animals, the action was one of simple flexion and extension; but in man pronation and laser supination were superadded. The greater part were indifpofed with remittent and intermittent fevers, which always prevail among us at this feafon of the year, which all yielded infections readily to our mode of treating thofe difeafes, except in one gentleman, who had been many years an invalid.

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