Think BIG!

Beyond small business. Why we need businesses that scale.


We all have ideas. Great ideas, however, require the support of a large group--of customers, employees, investors.

Businesses that scale are important for the economic growth of our communities and the competitiveness of our country. In times of economic crisis, we look for entrepreneurship to bridge the gaps in opportunities. For sustainable growth to happen, we need to go beyond lifestyle businesses and explore ways to build organizations that can leverage economies of scale and make larger investments over a longer time horizon.

Entrepreneurship is often associated with risk taking, and hard work. During this session we will make the case that developing a larger vision/bigger business is often just as hard as a small one. The key to success, however, is often tied to our ability to 1) dream big, 2) develop a sustainable vision that can be owned by many, and 3)build teams and processes that scale.

Roy Sosa is a "social capitalist" committed to the empowerment of the underserved. In 1999 he co-founded NetSpend Corporation -- now the nation's largest prepaid debit card provider targeting the un-banked. In 2006 he launched MPOWER Ventures, a double-bottom-line venture capital fund created to make investments in early-stage companies innovating financial products and services for the underserved. The portfolio companies of MPOWER Ventures now span four continents and are providing affordable, accessible, and empowering products to underserved markets worldwide. Roy is passionate about entrepreneurship and is one of the original founders of RISE. His vision is a world in which socially-minded capitalists harness the creativity and power of the market to solve our planet's most pressing problems.