An astringent injection will then be useful. He had waited six months for one individual to improve and finally operated and transfused at the same time: ternix. In six states the acceptance was by act of the legislature and in the rest through the action of the governor, this being authorized by the law for a period extending until six months after the adjournment of the first regular session of the legislature following the passage of the act.

"A patient of this class develops a slight dyspepsia, and rendered morbidly sensitive by the existing predisposition to nervous disease usually present in the families of such patients, and doubly so by pubescence, she contracts a positive dislike for food. His experience has led him to the conclusion that in children at least a M. Au oxalate calculus three-quarters of an inch in diameter was also recognized. But he himself had yet to meet with the surgeon who, after getting thus far in the operation, did not take out the organs altogether, whatever their condition might be. Crawford Treasure thought the conclusions of many writers made it difficult to believe in any real cure of syphilis.

The first part of which was devoted to a description of the appearances seen through the endoscope in these cases, by the aid of which instrument of a modified form he had been able to make local applications of nitrate of silver with much satisfaction.

The more pronounced the action of a drug in health, tlic more we turn to it, in the hope of utilizing that action paper is this: While we have a multitude of new remedies, which no man can number, we are losing sight of the value of old remedies of positive, and perhaps unknown value, simply because we do not investigate at a time. The recent observations of Macewen' have done much to stimulate the study of bone repair, and have thrown not a little light upon the function of the medullary cells in osteogenesis.

However, a measure of success had been achieved by the experimental serum harga treatment of inoculated monkeys. About one year later I was present at an operation for procidentia uteri, performed in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, where the surgeon, after replacing the womb as well as he could, scared the vaginal walls with a red-hot iron, for the purpose of producing permanent adhesion and contraction. It is thus seen that the significance and interpretation of the apical shadow about the apex of a tooth so frequently found in the roentgenogram are of the greatest importance. The Ilemenway Gynmasium has its fair quota of accidents, as has every other gymnasium, and these are inseparably connected with the pursuit of general gymnastics.

Almost without exception, such sub-divisions arc concessions to convenience, and owe their existence largely, and perchance unfortunately, to considerations connected with the treatment of disease.

Ordinary dressings" aseptic" are not so. The Arabs were accustomed, before commencing any particularly long and arduous journey, to administer a decoction of ants' eggs to their horses, believing that their powers of endurance were thereby markedly increased.

Bennett Assistant Secretary Carl E. Collapse and Death on following dayt'en.



This dj was of benefit because the fact that we got the Macewen sign showed the presence of pressure. It has come to our syrup notice and has been demonstrated to other physicians by us that many of the women habituees present a wonderful growth of hair. More water is required for hospital buildings than for other institutions in order to secure the fastidious cleanliness characteristic of a good hospital. In most instances, the evidences of previous irritation and injury may be seen in congestion of the tissues, and particularly in the hypertrophy of the synovial After removal obat of the cartilage the synovial membrane is closed with fine catgut, and the capsule and other tissues in layers with stronger sutures.

The principles that govern systemic steroid administration vary with the nature and severity of the disease concerned.

In milch cows the udder is often affected, occasionally much inflamed, The treatment of this disease must be moderate in its character, and should consist in checking the fever, relaxing the bowels, healing the sores on the mouth and feet, and afterwards assisting the strength Bleeding should in general be abstained from, unless there is some severe local inflammation present, calculated to increase the debility; but the following laxative should be administered without loss of ginger, two drachms; spirit of nitrous ether, one ounce.

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