Targeting Lesbian and Gay Consumers with Niché Media

How L Style G Style Magazine represents, supports and drives the gay dollar to businesses


Learn how L Style G Style Magazine broke the mold of a traditional advertising channel and is discovering success. Studies show that the gay community purchases with purpose. How do we do what we do? What makes our publication unique? Come to this session and find out how and why L Style G Style was created and its important for you and your business to target the lesbian and gay community. Learn more about the gay consumer and which organizations and corporations (locally and nationally) spend their diversity dollar.

Founder, Publisher and Editor
A true entrepreneur, risk taker and idea generator driven by her passion, Publisher Alisa Weldon has made community and creativity her single point of focus since landing in Austin in 1993. From her early days of winning art awards at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to leading Dell’s Small Business Direct Mail team as an art director, Alisa creates opportunity for herself and others along the way. After jumping over a few hurdles and coming out to her family at age 18, she moved from Friendswood, Texas to Austin with her high school sweetheart two weeks after graduation. Her decision to turn down several full tennis scholarships was the single most important choice in her life. While putting herself through college at Austin Community College, she helped open Central Market in 1994 as a ‘banana schulpper” until she got the opportunity just a few months later to run the art department. After five years, she was hired away as one of the youngest art directors to head up Dell’s Small Business Division Catalog & Direct Mail Team at T3 advertising agency. After a few years, she ultimately decided to branch out on her own. As Creative Director & Partner, Alisa grew VoxGroup, a marketing and design firm, from 2001 until February 2007. She’s served on many nonprofits boards, most importantly as board President of the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival from 2005 until 2008, an enriching role on many levels. It was through aGLIFF that she met her life partner Lynn Yeldell. After 12 years in the graphic design business—dedicating her time to small and large corporate clients and donating services to many organizations—Alisa decided expand her talents in June 2007 in the formation of Flip It Media, Inc (DBA L Style G Style). At the same time, she launched, under her name sake, well+done DESIGN as the creative arm of the magazine as well as other clients. Her hope in launching the magazine was to create a platform for engaging gay and lesbian communities in many cities, beginning in Austin. The tremendous response and outpouring of support L Style G Style has since its first publication in November of 2007 is proof positive that Alisa was on to something.