Take That Idea to Market, and Profit

Started with an idea in my apartment, and three years later seeing sales over $2M. Bring your ideas and questions!


This session is about you, your ideas, and what I can do to help you launch your own idea into a profitable business.

The discussion will include lessons I've learned along the way, and I hope to help you avoid the mistakes I've made.

The bottom line is always to keep it fun, and keep it interesting for yourself. This is key to being successful.

My goal for you is to have you leave this session inspired, pumped, and loaded with the tools needed for launching your idea.

If I can do it, so can you!

Looking forward to meeting you.


Austin, TX
est. 2007

p.s. bring your ideas and questions. you will not be required to share your ideas if you chose not to (in fact, you don't even need an idea to attend). see you soon!


You are not required to have a product, or to have a question, to attend. If you'd rather just come and listen, you are more than welcome to join. For those of you who do have a product in mind, please do bring any question you may have. You will not be required to share what your product is, unless you choose to. Keep in mind, no question is too crazy or out of the ordinary, and there's a good chance someone else in the room has the same question as you.
Founder of SPIbelt, launched February 2007 in Austin, TX. SPIbelt is a patent pending belt worn by athletes, travelers, folks on the go, etc. Since launch, the SPIbelt has been featured on CNN, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, the Today Show, and the Rachel Ray show, and a number of publications. Well before SPIbelt, I launched a new media company in NYC, 1996, later jump started the new media devision of the ad agency, The Lord Group. After September 11th, I became a personal trainer, following my passion of fitness and launched my first fitness video, "Love Your Legs"; March 2006.