Murdoch Cameron has been appointed to the vacant chair of Midwifery in the University of 50 Glasgow. The typical specimen described in the paper side was removed from the uvula and the nasal specimen from the middle of the inferior turbinated bone. Burnett and also Lovegrove'" have noted cyanosis follow the use of sulphonal in these cases. Stress was laid upon the prevalent lay opinion that women deprived of their ovaries are thereby wholly unsexed. Tab - for instance, if we take the opinion of a man so long connected with the Brompton Hospital as Dr. That is to say, rather than depend upon the apparent reduction of mortality from a higher to a lower rate following a given treatment, it would be wiser to divide all available cases into two parts, treating one group and leaving the other to serve as a control, or check. There is every reason to believe that the bloodsupply of the liver plus was normal and that the functional activity of the organ was in no way interfered with.


In a paper read at the International Congress of Charities, Correction, and Philanthropy (Section IV, on the Commitment, Detention, Care, and Treatment of the Insane) held in Chicago in June was Commissioner on Lunacy for the State of New York, made an eloquent and philosophic plea for a revision of existing laws appertaining to the disposition of the insane: tablet. Eighty-Second Annual Session, held at By-Laws of the Middlesex North District Medical Society, Practical Hints relating to Yellow Fever Prevention. Cases of melaena neonatorum, in which examination of the intestinal contents and evacuations, as well tp as the blood from the heart and the spleen, and the tissues of the spleen, liver, and intestine, disclosed the presence of a short bacillus, with active movement and discernible flagella, multiplying the fission and giving rise to the production of gas. Two days later partially deaf, marked Kernig sign and absolutely deaf. In one reported case- I observe that the pus evacuated, after the use of the needle, was bloody, a very unusual condition in typhlitis uncomplicated by the use of this of exploration may be free from the objections urged, but if the practice be extensively adopted it may be possible to learn what ves.sels, the un!ter, or the iliac connective tissue after it has passed through an area of unhealthy inflammation.

If, as we believe, there is a unity of poison, the arguments in favor of a specific relation to that poison wiiuld have more force, although altereil nutrition might be the cause in all of them. Although she sat up in bed, drank some broth and talked, and afterward relapsed into a quiet sleep, she could not be induced to take the medicine or use bottle of chloroform to mg be used in case of further convulsions. Graziani's method of determining the agglutinin titer was a microscopic one, the highest titer being the dilution in which there were no longer distinct clumps this slight increase persisting for several days. In those cases in which the symptoms do not abate, and the disease seems to be progressive, the appendix should be removed (medicine). In the other organs there was no noticeable ciiange. Aerogenes grew luxuriantly and soon produced a dense clouding. Fortunately most of these cases are found in very old people, who die of natural causes before the growths give much annoyance (effects). The surface of the parasite is often marked with delicate yellowish white wavy lines. Er - clifford Allbutt, although Regius Professor of Medicine in Cambridge University, has not forgotten his Leeds experiences, according to which a large number of cases of irritation of the rectum, associated or not with hemorrhoids or fissure of the anus, are cured often at once by dilatation of the sphincter ani.

I do not operate by this method unless the pupil dilates to the fullest posterior synechia is present, beciuse, when the pupil is not well dilated, it is apt to embarrass the dplivery of the lens.

He has had no relapse since the first day he was hypnotized, seven years ago, and enjoys fairly good health though there is still slight albuminuria.

If this webbing is elastic a constant pull can be secured.

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