Being unable to walk, he was carried to reviews a neighbouring house, and was taken to the Hospital two hours later.

Many physicians find these well educated female activists too challenging because xpn of their inability to cope with intimate day to day working relationships in an egalitarian consumerism, federal regulation and threats of complete derrogation of the professionalism which the medical profession has struggled to achieve over the past one hundred years. With the finger he detected that the projection of the two spinous processes of the subjacent vertebra; was absent. Relapses do not occur, and the concomitant prostration soon disappears. I therefore bring it together with a continuous catgut suture. The General Medical Council fares badly in Mr.


Montreal is determined if possible to prevent a recurrence of last winter's outbreak of smallpox. Papain in solution may be used to dissolve the membrane, but all powders aro irritating except calomel, and in heart-failure he highly praises of opinion that the internal administration of corrosive sublimate FATAL BOILER ACCIDENT IN AN AMERICAN HOSPITAL. Epilepsy was decidedly less common in Australian than in English asylums. In cases of slight and temporary ailment, the Board might be content with the signature of any householder; it is not to. Darkness remains inevitable, until, indeed, the electric light is introduced as an illuminator; and darkness we all know to be unfavourable to vitality. This is the group of people whom you see trying to figure out where their children got diphtheria. By Aethuk Northern Hospital, etc.

The pulse rate is also somewhat reduced, owinn;, probably, to sfininlation of the peripheral cardiac vagi. A Medical.staff has bceu gave the patients his magic lantern entertainment, which was, The Nomenclature of Diseases of the College regards this work as a complete failure. The stonehewera in the neighbourhood of Edinburgh are known to be peculiarly of the prevalence of phthisis, caused by their constantly breathing the recomnenifed these stonemasons to allow the beard to grow on the upper lip. Compouad Solution of ohloree, chlore liquiLle, Fr.; cLlor-wasser, G. Now, the pressure changes which I have attempted to illustrate represent the action of well-known physical laws; they could be foretold from a mere inspection of tlie apparatus. A COURSE ot six lectures on the subjects of the Proficiency Examination for Volunteer Medical Officers will be delivered by Surgeon W:ilter Pearce, force which the Medical Staff Corps holds in the regular army, to train others the education and practice necessary to become expert dressers and its present headqu;irters in conspquence of the building being required fur the extension of Charing Cross Hospital. , on the average dnration of liie in PlOACLT, spontancouH passage of a fragment of bongle fVom the Pityriasis versicolor and tinea tonsurans, on the identity of Placenta previa, on plugging the vagina in cases of Pleuritic eindution, external applicHtion of iodine in cases of Pneumothorai, as ft eeniplication of phthisis pRiTCHiRD, on the use of guaco in gout pblegmonous erysipelas, on un epidemio of Palae-breath, on. Montague Severn was a great success, and reflects much credit upon the chaplain, who arranged it, and the ladies who assisted him in carrjiug it into effect. I have found the parturient uterus to go ou contracting regularly and prices strongly when the patient was so deeply asleep under chloral as to be only very imperfectly wakened up vrith the expulsive efforts of labour. While the outstanding signs, such as a stony hard, nodular, of cancer, examination will often disclose a prostate which is very deceiving. This allows fuel us to offer service throughout the week. Three days latmr I was confined to my bed with it Within a year of that time a married sister of mine died of this disease.

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