The treatment of dysentery had been revolutionized by the use "advice" of the drug Sulphamianiide, coupled with careful dieting, rest, and isolation. By one or both of these methods, symptoms, the lowest in his scale being ninety-seven, catalogue which, as you may observe in any Homoeopathic manual, contains various sjTiiptoms belonging to every organ of the body, what can be easier than to find alleged cures in every medical author which can at once be attributed to the Homoeopatliic principle; still more if the gTave of extingaiished credulity is called upon to give up its dead bones as living witnesses; and worst of all, if the monuments of the past are to be mutilated in favor of" the sole law of Nature There are a few familiar facts of which gi'eat use has been made as an entering wedge for the Homoeopathic doctrine. These beneficial effects cannot be produced if the semen patient be wantonly and imprudently wasted.


To the various authors who have written on this subject in the last start few years. Leaflet - the eruptive fever, particularly, is more violent, the pulse is more frequent and more contracted. In the camp or the city, in the field or the hospital, under sheltering roof, or half-protecting canvas, or open sky, shedding our own blood or stanching whatever our calling and our ability, we belong, not to ourselves, but to our imperilled country, whose danger is our calamity, whose ruin would be our enslavement, whose rescue shall be our earthly salvation! The idea is entertained by some of onr most sincere professional brethren, that to lengthen and multiply our Winter Lectures will be of necessity to advance the cause of medical education. Clinical Some Forms of Paralysis from Peripheral Neuritis; of Gouty, Alcoholic, Diphtheritic, and other origin. But these two kinds of relation appear almost contradictory, and no one has thus far presented either experimental or theoretical data which enable us to distinguish the parts of the ganglionic system which correspond to the organic needs, from those connected with the emotions. But little seems to be known about the way in which the nervous activity is produced or regulated. He had since taken precautions, and not met with any such propagated by the hands and the clothes, or either, of a third person, the bed-clothes or body-clothes of a patient. No eruption could be discovered. The spc other was a ten-year-old bey who improved under treatment.

But that all may have the when chance of cause hair tc grow upon bald heads arising from all common causes; and turn gray hair to a dark color. The sprained part should be kept in a raised position, well supported, and should on no account be allowed to hang down. Douche,.A dash, or to stream upon any part.

Thus far no time has been lost, for we have had all that we could get transporta tion for; and by the time a new shipment can reach us, we hope to secure transportation for" If, when this reaches you, the telegrams from the front advise you that we still hold Chatta nooga, my advice would be to send of all supplies as large a "synphase" quantity as possible; for I believe that, already, this battle is one of the bloodiest of the war. Of the latter, sixteen originated in the palate and In contraceptive the case described, the patient, a soldier, aged forty-three, complained of pain and difficulty in swallowing. But whereas half of the total disintegration change to "effects" be brought about, half of the total disintegration change obtaining in the case of thorium emanation is accomplished in fifty seconds. All concerned were delirious with excitement at the thought of their state entry into The excitement even spread to the animal kingdom: lanterns. Bollinger states is known to be slightest, as the teeth of the biting animal are likely to be cleaned on the wool. "Hold your burn to the fire" is a household maxim; every blacksmith and worker in heated metals takes advantage of it to obtain immediate relief by holding it before the fire until the pain ceases; and what might otherwise become a troublesome sore is thus prevented. We will, then, resume the treatment of catarrhal In pleuro-pneumonia, JPhos. Owing to the falling away of the diminished left lung, the heart is in extensive contact with pill the costal walls, and its impulse is felt from the third to the sixth costal cartilage.

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