This held the head more firmly summers in the acetabulum than could any other position, because in all these cases it is possible to reproduce the dislocation by simply adducting the leg and moving it a little. Or microfilariae may be found in the blood after several months or years even without tire ultimate development of elephantiasis or other obstructive manifestations. The intestine, thus obstructed, presented nothing peculiar to the eye or touch; except some greater degree of thickness "for" and firmness than usual, together with an immobility of its parietes.

As has been stated, a certain amount of recession of deformitj- can be obtained b.y rest in the horizontal position; and if practicable this improved contour should be attained before the brace is apjilied (rezamid).

The staff doctors were all teachers of medicine. After tracheotomy, the bronchi being then free, spots of atelectasis or of pneumonia may be made out when large enough to cause tubal respiration. Momentous times are ahead of us apparently both at home and on the war fronts. Obstruction must lab always produce its mechanical eft'ects, such as cedema; but there was no obstruction which could account for the production of phlegmonous erysipelas or carbuncle, and the assumption of obstruction as the cause of phlegmasia dolens was unnecessary. Then the acetabulum was located and, by means of a gouge, guided by the finger in the wound, its cavity was deepened and enlarged, so that it buy would receive and retain the femoral head. Professor of Medicine and Midwifery in the University of Edinburgh: reviews.

When, however, the )ioint looked at makes its impression on the fovea in one eye, but on some other portion of the retina in the other, it generates the idea of two di.stinct jioints some distance apart, the impression on the fovea being referred to a point directly in treatment front of the eyes, while the impression on another part of the retina is referred in a different direction. It is at least pertinent to recall that the lymphaticovcrgrowth making the basis of nasopharyngeal adenoids and enlarged tonsils is one of the manifestations of status lymphaticus (lotion).

Confirmation of these observations by American bacteriologists has thus far been limited by the rarity of typhus fever in this country.


First, does the blood in the capillaries of these organs contain an increased rtumber of leukocytes? And second, why is the mechanical sifting-out process confined practically entirely to the polymorphonuclear leukocytes, as demonstrated in this study, wherein the small and large mononuclear leukocytes are shown to have remained practically normal in the blood of the general circulation throughout the If the leukopenia is due to a mechanical obstruction resulting in a retention of the leukocytes within the capillaries of the internal organs, examination of fresh blood obtained from these capillaries by deep incision into the parenchyma should reveal an increase in the number of leukocytes over that of the general circulating blood and blood obtained from normal organs; that this is actually the case has been from the spleen and liver parenchymata, revealed an enormous increase in the number of leukocytes, reaching in the case of the spleen the most prominent part in this retention, but the results from this study assign minor importance to this organ in this connection, counts from its blood revealing in most instances little if any increase, tho sections showed sonie hyperemia and a slight increase. These results may be ascribed to a lowering of the resistance of the cocci by the drugs, which in the case of ethylhydrocuprein, may have amounted to an actual killing of large numbers, as shown in bactericidal tests by the centrifuge Experiments conducted in the routine manner, by exposure of the followed by the addition of leukocytes may be contrasted with similar experiments in which the cocci had been washed with warm normal salt solution before mixture with the leukocytes. Rosacea - put a stop to the pulsation in the tumour. Work is still needed to perfect the photofluorographic process so that the size of the image will be increased without increasing the size of the film normal assigned duties in a superior manner, Lieutenant Dent assembled and installed all of the x-rav equipment in his hospital and adapted this equipment to operate on electric current available locally. In this experiment in which so-called sugarfree broth was used as control on the sugar media, gas was produced by the majority of the strains.

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