Here the operation is simple, the incision side is prolonged downwards, the radial nerve exposed, and an adequate portion resected and sutured into the gap without tension. The labor progressed steadily but slowly, for four or five hours, the head advancing but very little during the time. The cases that I am asking you to consider are interesting, to me at least, and each of them has its lesson.

The disappearance of this sign as fluid accumulates is probably due not so much to intervention of fluid between lung and chest wall as to the mechanical obstruction to the expansion of the lung. Suffer from shock or intractable heart failure.


In hypostatic congestion the prognosis varies with the condition in which it develops, with the vitality of the patient, and the promptness with which the pulmonary involvement is discovered and treated. A diagnosis of tubercle was made, the hydrocele laid open, the testis found nz normal, the epididymis and vas excised. In acute nephritis, this indication is met by placing the patient upon a diet which consists be too long continued, even in acute nephritis, and in the later stages, "active" where that disease tends to become chronic, or where convalescence is delayed, a change to a more liberal regimen is often attended with very remarkable improvement.

The purpose of this discussion is to review briefly the biological nature of these tumors and to present the clinical picture of seven cases diagnosed during the last ten years at St. It can often be brought out by asking the patient to breathe deeply for a considerable period. Another useful method of treatment is to paint the skin with undiluted tincture of iodine; this should be commenced as early as possible in the eruptive stage, and continued once or twice a day. It presupposed some two or three years study at least.

This prevents the patient breathing through the nose, and also, by setting up a certain amount of irritation, renders the nasal discharge more watery. Siltzbach and Hartweg have each independently proposed their own system which entails a fine, more detailed, means of classification. Both heat and cold often give effective relief, but cold has the advantage in that it is more easily applied, and that it excites deeper inspiration. It was felt that these studies confirmed the concept that the family is the important epidemiological unit in development of tuberculosis; and that adults are the most significant segment, both as sources of infection and as victims. The cilio-spinal reflex could be obtained; when the skin of the right side of the neck was pinched the right pupil dilated slightly: mg. Ordinarily this continues up to the time of puberty. These baneful effects on the cerebral organ, result, in a short time, in profound stupor and coma. In human pathology we do not often meet with cases of death by acute asphyxia; it is seen, however, in certain conditions, such as complete and sudden occlusion of the pulmonary artery, fatal spasm of the glottis, constriction of the trachea, large hemorrhage filling up all the bronchi, sudden paralysis of the respiratory muscles, sudden bending of the trachea in patients with goiWe, and those rare cases of unilateral pneumothorax suddenly complicated by pneumothorax of the other side. By the use of means directed to the breast, you will find that we can remove all symptoms of pleurodynia, and that the pain and difficulty of breathing will soon disappear. The head is turned to the side opposite the lesion, flexed towards the side dislocated, and fixed. More rapid activity, such as tennis, hockey, and the like, are less desirable, and should only be sanctioned in exceptional cases. Opium and its preparations may be employed without the risks formerly supposed to attend their use: effects.

The functions of joints and tendons especially can be maintained by this means, for from the very outset active and careful passive movements can be allowed with the hyperaemia treatment. Chlorcosane alone produced a similar,effect but the edema was slightly less marked.

The diagnosis of a dermoid cyst of the mediastinum, extending into the right thorax, was made. This serum effected complement cases of ulcus molle, with buboes, at the Syphilis Clinic of the Karolinska and painful inguinal glands showed marked improvement as early 50 as the following day.

It is felt less in the centre of the ship, near the foot of the mainmast, because the double motion is less there than at the edge, especially at the extremities where the pitching is most considerable.

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