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The value of synoJijyins, of or intern)editite expressions, will, of course, be duly appreciated. I have frequently observed, when percussing diseased chests, that the cracked pot sound diminishes in intensity after repeated percussions, I presume from the tensity of the air being diminished, by portions for of it which have in this way been squeezed out of the space percussed. No one could have been more temperate; trinessa for a long time he had left off the use of spirituous liquors, discarded animal food, and lived on nearly the same diet as tlie natives, only in smaller quantities. The volatile oil of both these substances is identical in composition, and the more prompt action of the first mentioned, he reviews attributes to the great quantity contained in that root, as well as the smaller quantity of fixed oil likely to modify its activity. With a blunt hook the long birth process of the incus was brought down as far away from the head of the stapes as possible.

The fields of opportunity and noble endeavor are already white for the harvest and may you each gather many sheaves and iiitain a full measure of success (sprintec). It was anchored in position by a piece of plaster on the cheek (effects). The life history of order but few of the protozoa is known, even when the most favorable conditions for From a general consideration of carcinoma there is much which speaks for, and very much against the parasitic theory. He endeavors to trace all the more important facts to their sources, and in view of the many errors scattered through the textbooks of his day, some of which had been repeated for ages by authors, copying from each other, Woodward early resolved that he would: cite no authority not before him when he wrote, and that for the convenience of subsequent students he would, in every case, not only give the name of the author but the edition and page to which each citation referred: gain. Among these there were observed, it is true, certain types, but on the other hand a great variety of nervous manifestations, especially in effectiveness the field of motility and sensibility.

The heart action and the pulse were usually make regular. He cost was given Mayo's vegetable having two teeth extracted.

We take this as an 28 evidence, not so much of the good fortune of a particular periodical, as of a growing interefst in the cause of medical literature in general.


The swelling over the cheek increased considerably during side the three Skiagrams by Dr.

Above all, no amoebae containing red blood cells will be found, and one of the readiest means of identification of this species is thus lost to the microscopist, and he does has to rely on certain rather intimate cytological characters that often require to be interpreted with care and judgment.

The value of his method is vindicated by the record of six cases in whii;h weight he has adopted it with complete success. Probably the most glaring deficiencies noted in the case histories have fallen under the heading of progress reports and the entering of temperatm'e, pulse generic and stool records and treatment. The hypertrophy of the adenoid tissue of the vault was strongly and had had applied" caustics" by means of a sjionge and Ijiush; iron had been taken internally; but all these means, as well as a year's residence aliroad, were tincture of iodine by means of a posterior nasal douche, sary, a fine spray of tannin and glycerine was applied to the left nostril, and a saturated solution of nitrate tonsils acne to reduce their slight enlargement. After the Civil War she moved from Virginia to Louisiana, and had resided control in New York only for the last eight years.

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