Social Media Marketing Lessons Learned from Politics

How to defend and maintain your company's good reputation online


Now, more than ever, information about your business is available at your fingertips, good or bad. It is more important than ever to manage what information your clients and business partners can find about your organization.

Political campaigns have a lot in common with business marketing campaigns. Learn how you can use social media marketing lessons learned from the political world to maintain and defend your business reputation.

We will discuss the following aspects of a social media campaign:

- Target markets
- Branding
- Damage control
- Common mistakes

Shaine Mata owes his recognition to the use of social media since before it was known as social media. An avid experimenter, Shaine began playing with podcasting for his blogs. This evolved into online community building and online video. Shaine's work eventually led him to connect with many great people in San Antonio's new media sphere, which eventually led to social media. Shaine is co-founder of the Rio Grande Valley chapter of Social Media Club where he promotes the use of social media in a new market. Shaine's social media work ranges from the political to the hyperlocal.