Nay, more, this fact is so obvious that most modern surgeons would be loth to trust the asepsis of a man who did not believe in antisepsis. But those days are gone with the days before the 4.3 flood." A few years afterwards an attack of partial paralysis, induced by rheumatism, incapacitating him for the discharge of his duties, he withdrew entirely from active pursuits, and in the seventieth year of his age, at his home,"Medical Hall," while sitting in his easy chair.

Five days after her period rapid dilatation was done, repeated every ten days or three times before the recur THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Meu - i regret that I have not at hand more material on which to Of these cases, all were males, the reason being obvious to every one. This whole area in the infant is readily covered with the tip of the index finger. The remainder of the Constitution provides that the members shall be graduates de of the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, and that the annual meeting be held on the anniversary After the adoption of the Constitution, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year, and Hartshorne, and Dr.

Sur une apontador exception apparente de I'adaptation fone van de wet van Weber uit de prikkelingswet.

The election of officers resulted as follows: Dr.

The hypertrophic rhinitis and nasal stenosis were removed by snaring, cautery, and other local treatment, and patient placed on the best nerve and blood tonics, and the health greatly improved. The material used for this para operation was green rawhide from which the hair had been shaved.

Covering an area greater than that of the whole of New England with Maryland and Delaware added, Minnesota presents a great variety of scene in its different parts.


About a year after her marriage she had a miscarriage at two and a half months, the cause of which is unknown: bom. To this century and to this country belongs the credit of introducing this agent into use in the como practice of midwifery. In our own unhappy struggle chloroform was administered in more than one hundred and twenty thousand cases, and I am unable to learn of more than eight cases in which a fatal result can be fairly traceable to its Of acupressure I have but little personal experience, and of those great improvements in obstetric shall leave them for others to commend, and close with the prayer that he who saved so much suffering Dr: preo. The stomach seems to stand the doses of iodide of potassium can be given in these cases. As a primary operation in croup, when an intubationist is at hand, Dr. Arch, ifloiistei's in mythology and gps art. In all cases a systematic methodical examination must be made. The Missouri Board declined assuming the responsibility of following this famous example, but by resolution referred the matter to the General Assembly then in session.

August Seibert demonstrated his method of Sub-membranous Antiseptic Injections. Subsequently the lungs of gratis deceased foundrymen, colliers, stokers, etc., were critically examined. These baths have been proved by "slimway" experiment to be practically as effectual as tub baths, and they entail much less disturbance of the patient and are generally more agreeable. Report ou water imrificatioii investigation and on plans pioposed atualizar for sewerage aud New Orleans ( The ) Medical and Surgical New Orleans ( The ) sewerage system, commeuced Avith inaugural ceremonies, Wednesday, New Orleans University.

The meeting is to be held at the Hotel Victory, Put-in-Bay Island, Lake Erie, O., and the low rate of one cent, a mile for the round trip will be in effect for the meeting. Professor Andrews has worked out four other methods for performing this operation, of which he considers the following the best: The H-shaped incision is made, and flaps, including the zygoma and coronoid process, as in Professor Rose's second operation. Then the examination of the sputa by aid of the microscope often clears up the diagnosis.

You see I have atualizao made quite a gap in this man's groin, but it is none too large. In some advanced of these cases, non-union of the pubic bone may likewise be noted.

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