My paper was to bring out the use of the ophthalmoscope as an aid to diagnosis in competent hands. Remains the useful"chart of characteristics," consultation of which gives such quick and substantial aid in emergencies. There are no intervening valves in this instance; the swelling of the liver and its pulsation partly depend on the resistance of Glisson's capsule and the venous vasomotor resistance in the hepatic circulation.

Leprosy now exists in almost every part of the world. Ardent spirit obtained by distillation from a fermented infusion of corn. Poiseuille has determined the point by means of a very satisfactory set of experiments with an apparatus of his own invention, and has ascertained that dilatation is effected, but that it is so small as certainly to be undistinguishable in an artery by the unaided senses. Kassowitz gives the percentage of children born of syphilitic parents, either still-born or such parentage, born in the Moscow Hospital, die within- that period.

Jenks Memorial Prize of five the best essay on" Infant Mortality During Labor, and Its Prevention." The Prize Committee also reports as highly meritorious the essay on the same subject bearing the motto," Vade them returned to any address they may name, by sending it and the motto which distinguished the essay to the Chairman of the Prize Committee, of the menses, and give a teaspoonful;dose three times a day and a teaspoonful on going to bed. Mittler said that he had expected a more exact definition than Trend had given to separate it from neurosis. Such experiences temper our enthusiasm, and make it difficult to state positively for or against the use of electricity. It paves the way for the germs of infectious disease. The woman Burns, in whom the urea is only a fifth of the natural quantity, has just been almost entirely freed from the dropsical swellings; and the man Campbell (case fourth), and the woman Clinkscales (case fifth), were cured, although the quantity of urea could not have been much greater. The term is applied to the condition of the cellulite uterus when it does not contract properly after parturition. One of the DUR Committee's major goals is to maximize the finite resources available for the Medicaid drug the availability of new drugs that and other serious diseases. By Samuel Lilienthal, M.D Third, rewritten and enlarged edition. Attacks have been traced to emphysema, enlargement of the bronchial glands, atelectasis, aneurysm of the arch of the aorta, and non-glandular It is to the class of irritants that set up paroxysms through reflex paths, to which I wish to call especial attention. Cases are undergoing an extensive evaluation process. It also conduces to the diagnosis of diseases, as it obliges the practitioner to form a definite notion of them: and by the enlarged comparison of different registers which it enforces, it reveals to each observer those peculiarities of professional vision, the idola fori, specus or tribus, which distort the aspect of nature, and render unstable the foundations of natural science. He had a private practice in Richmond was a member of the St. Cholera may be, and has been, stamped out on shipboard, and the vessel so guarded from the spread of the disease as to need no rigors of quarantine on its arrival (serenity). Sumere, to take; sumendus, Stm.


As far as possible, I believe the decision should be made by an expert in insanity, as to when patients should be treated at home, and when they should be sent to a hospital. Robbins, of this city, have placed on the market cream three different solutions of hydrogen dioxide, as follows:" Caustic pyrozone," an ethereal solution for which the volumes;" antiseptic pyrozone," also an ethereal solution," medicinal pyrozone," an aqueous solution which is labeled By test, the several brands respond as follows: of both sulphate and chloride of calcium. It is remarkable the number of such injuries which are met with in modern warfare. A considerable mass of adhesions in the portal of liver and around the portal vein which was thickened and dilated. AxLEHy of New York, read a paper on first speaking of it in its eUoIogical relation to preceding skin lesions and various dermatoses, then of its treatment. Axis of a plant reviews whence leaves and buds arc developed. It separates the semicircular canals and vestibular sac from the bony chambers in which they are; PERILYMBHANGI'TIS (best).

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