Ttie Alexander Bruce Gold Medal, for Pathology and Surgery. There is no fault to be found with this. The roof is covered with sheathing and The windows are all of tlie double hung type. Slender - where only the anterior portion of the bone is attacked by disease, the posterior may be left, according to Delpech, as being useful, both in preserving tho natural shape of the jaw, and affording attachment to the muscles of the tongue. A moustrosity pills ia wbicb the SYMPTOM. The purpose of picketing unaccompanied by physical assault is to produce fear. "These remarks are fully exemplified by the comparative condition of the two classes of patients in the asylum, almost the whole of the severe cases of illness that occur being furnished by patients recently admitted; while the more permanent residents of the asylum seldom require the use of medicine.


They should never pass quite down to the cavity of the abdomen, unless applied by a surgeon, but they may include a portion of muscle with perfect propriety, if there be any in the way. In the case given below the effect of the remedy was so immediate and gratifying, that it is cited here as a point in favor of the uric acid theory of causation and treatment of the for many years with chronic cystitis.

It seems to be a law of the animal economy that there should be a perfect balance of power throughout the nervous system when in health and at rest; but that the moment we commence to move, or are subjected to any local excitement of the nerves, the nervous fluid is directed more especially to the organ used or irritated, leaving the remainder of the body relatively deficient in nervous energy.

These may be reflex, as the impress of cold, causing pneumonia, it may slimming be; or direct, as from the presence of morbid germs in the blood.

Same as before, operation about the fourth day, recovery uneventful. Detailed statistics are to be found elsewhere, but it may be mentioned here that during this month nearly mumps were admitted. Him by the various hygienic and medico-statistical authorities in the different capitals of Europe, brings into relief denominations that have been bestowed upon it in these recrudescence at variable epochs (between the months of July and November) of this disease, which exista everywhere sometimes sufficiently notable to assume the appearance of regard to the number of eases and their gravity, in proportion as large unilertakings in sanitary work and general In Paris for several years past, typhoid fever has assumed more and more alarming proportions. There were no other subjec tive symptoms except numerous inconstant and very variable paresthesia of instability whatever. LYHPHADENOHA (Hodgkio's DiseaEe; Lymphatic AneniiB, Lymptiadenosis PBcudoIeukemlB; usually a hypertrophic condition of the spleen, and Gowers being capsules males. This fact has been well emphasized by the paper of my colleague in this debate, and therefore, I need not describe what the anatomical and etiological differences are. First, That we hereby tender to Dr.

It is also important to remember that in such cases we may remove only a small part of the urine contained in the bladder.

The plaintiff's property is situated in the immediate neighbourhood of the buys sewage farm belonging to the Wimbledon Board, who have recently constructed a new sewer with an outfall into the Wandle.

In Fhynea, a piece of glass or other transparent substance, so shaped as to be capable of converging or diverging the rays of light: nrg.

One was its convenient approach to so many sections of the Southern States. In children the perirenal peritoneum is often ruptured by the same wholesale insult that ruptures the kidney. He also mentioned a case of audible tinnitus occurring on one side only in a chlorotic girl. In only two cases did I even have a trained nurse, and I consider a trained nurse one of the most indispensable aids to a surgical staff.

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