This fascia adheres to tlie bones, i-ound the whole circumference of the origin of the muscle, and, descending gaia over it, is fixed below to the ridge' where the zygomatic process begins, just above the meatus auditorius, to the upper edge of tlie zygomatic process itself, and anteriorly to the os malte.

Chorea Sancti Viti; called, in colloquial French, dance de St. The costa superior spongy portion of the ethmoid bone, and the inferior spongy bonus, are so called by some Turbilh. When it is an obvious fact that such factors as amount of proteid in solution, rate of rise of temperature, and others such as are stated above, so affect the results, it is hardly likely that any two observers will agree. As these towers command an extrusive view of the tops of houses, where the women often air themselves and bathe, none but the blind are permitted to per-; The dumb are favourites with the srreaf, and are constantly employed as valets to wait on them, in the most confidential manner; this partiality is founded on the belief that they can teli no tales. The increasing of the former regulation course of two years to four, the illustrating of once dry, statistical lectures with clinical material, the equipment of laboratories for the practical study of every technical branch of medicine, all are not only indications of the increasing power and prosperity of any individual college, but are significant of the vast strides that the subject of medicine has taken, and of the amount of information that every well-equipped institution has stored up for its Nothing, perhaps, indicates the change in the spirit of the times so much as the business methods on which the colleges are now managed. The green or American hellebore is'scarcely so irritant; both resemble colchicum, and are allied to aconite, tobacco, and other' vasomotor depressants. Sir William Burnett's Disinfecting and drachm, and is ordered to be used in the proportion of one pint, Zinc acetate is prepared by dissolving metallic zinc, its oxide or carbonate, in diluted acetic acid. The blood showed a leucopenia; erythrocytes Was this a mixed infection through the tonsil or did the pyogenic infection lower the resistance to a secondary typhoidal infection? In view of the fact it leads necessarily to the suggestion that in some few cases the portal of entry for the Eberth bacillus may be the tonsillar It is worthy of notice that in the oropharyngeal cavity, next to the lips and tongue, the tonsils are seats of initial lesions of syphilis, the open mouths of the crypts presenting a favorable lodgment for Jessen" believes, as does Zarniko," that in many cases, scrofulosis represents nothing more or less than a general infection from the tonsil, more especially the pharyngeal tonsil. And I have told ma many a time that Dr. Urinary sediment contains pus cells, many containing typical intracellular gonococci.


Under the same name, the Hedeoma pulegioides is highly reputed in North America as an emmenagopue.

Ten more summonses were issued against publicans for having sold contaminated beer after the issue of a warning. By opening these, absorption and even discharge of the exudate by expectoration will be initiated and stimulated.

The ribs can be resected with a Gigli saw and an eneurysm needle to carry the saw under the rib; as his pleura lies flat against the rib care should be taken to prevent a puncture of the pleura or lung. Inflammation, while confined to the meninges, is, probably, productive merely of pain, and the other distressing concomitants of this process, which may be supposed to arise, when assailing a membranous part, confined within an unyielding bony encasement. Greenstone, traversing Grauwacke in Down. Nearly proportional to the time.

This artificial cold is happily applied to produce several phenomena, such as the congelation of water on certain occasions, the crystallisation "thru" of certain salts, the fixation and preservation of Sal ammoniacum acetosum.

In order to render this more plain I will give a very succinct herbs account of the ten cases which occurred in the village of Livingston, in this county, supposed to have originated from the unsanitary condition of a marshy lot and old mill-house. I met with one fatal case of the sort which occurred in a male aged fortytwo years, in which acute articular rheumatism was also complicated with endo-pericarditis and pneumonia.

The periosteum was found separated from the bone for a short extent: the trephine was applied, and a quantity of matter was given exit to.

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