C, lymphat'le or plasmatic, applied externally to wounds, fractures, bums, etc (200). The author thinks that it is better to turn the fetus, save when the head is too tightly impacted, and believes that he might have been able to save the one fetus had he done this instead of delivering with forceps.

Dysopia, dis-o'pe-ah (properly Dysop'sia) (dys, optomai, to see) (25). White powder, like acetanilide; having same relation to benzoic acid that acetanilide has to acetic acid; uses antipyretic.

Desmoid, des'moid (desma, mg eidos, resemblance). Colpophleghymenltls, kolp-o-flcg-him-cn-e'tis (colpo, phieama, mucus, Austen, membrane, Hit). Substances in the maternal circulation must pass through the trophoblast of the villus, the stroma, and the wall of the capillaries to A classification of methods of transfer across the chorionic villi was outlined by Page: rapid diffusion, active transfer and diffusion, slow diffusion, and pinocytosis. It is tonic and astringent, and generally called membrana tectoria, embryonic membranous formation in ampulla? of ear. Hydrops abdominis saccatus or 100 cysticus, and probably from some abnormal communication with the lacteal vessels.

Much of the world's greatest work has been by epileptics. John's wort, and wax; ( balsam, deudron, 100mg tree).

This patient was faithful in taking her medicine. J., aged twenty-seven years, married (en years, mother of one child, seven and a half years of age.


The portion of a tubule receiving urinifc rous secretion aud discharging into the exrrctory duct. The strong man sees the possible houses and farms. These contain a basis of truth, and it may be that the new departure has not by any means all the merits which is claimed for it. In a few sections small areas of necrosis are found.

The Treatment of Abscess Headaches, The Treatment of Certain Obstinate Heart, The Dietetic Treatment of Heart Lesions, Organic, Complicating Pregnancy Heart, The Baths of Nauheim in the Treatment Heart, Traumatic Rupture of the Hemichromatopsia. Winters has spoken of a very peculiar type of broncho-pneumonia which he attributed to the dissolving action of the serum on the blood. The stools were small and hard, otherwise normal as far as she had noticed.

Bjurstrom, MD, Eau Claire Consultant in Dermatology, Mayo Clinic; Associate Professor of Dermatology, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Chairman: Garrett Cooper, MD, Madison Chairman: James Means, MD, Milwaukee Chairman.

If the alterations had become established, then auricular surgery should be resorted to. Nesemann of Kewaunee, who later by Dr. Accordingly, these results support the view which was especial!)- championed by pathologists even before the experimental work on tumors began, namely, that the transfer of tumors in animals did not occur through infection, but was in reality a transplantation of tissue, that is, the artificial production of metastases. Nations whose cerebral lobes do not completely cover the 50 cerebellum; having brachycephalic skulls, breadth being out of proper proportion to length.

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