(Should You) Make the Leap:

If, When, How, and Why to Ride the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster


Using lessons learned and Aha’s experienced by herself and her clients, author and coach Dianna Amorde will help you gain clarity about how to make the best decisions about if and when to jump the corporate ship to start your own business. During the session, she’ll take you through a series of activities you can use at any decision point on your entrepreneurial journey.


This will be an interactive session with an opportunity to experience several processes to help you immediately gain clarity about what your right next steps are on your entrepreneurial journey.
Architect of Aha! Moments
As founder of Austin-based Inspired Leap and author of Aha! Moments: When Intellect and Intuition Collide, Dianna Amorde is an Architect of Aha! Moments. She inspires and coaches people to use all their inner resources to generate brilliant ideas, achieve creative breakthroughs and make more effective decisions. Corporate clients range from REI in Washington to Seton Hospitals and Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas. Prior to launching Inspired Leap in 2003, Dianna had a successful corporate career, including leading a division of Sierra On-Line and managing brands at Procter & Gamble. Dianna also holds an MBA from Harvard University.