Order - white, of Boston, upon the clinical aspects and relations scrofuloderma, including under that head chronic ulceration, accompanying bone disease, dactylitis, sinuses, etc.

In the meantime the President's best Committee by devoting its inquiry to the volunteer camps may be able to throw some light upon the causes of their deplorable condition, and so be of service to the general betterment of the army camps as well as to the saving of many lives. In Field-Marshal Lord Roberts celebrated book,"Forty -one Years in India," campaign we find recorded the following simple directions for loading transports: I had often read and heard of the difficulties and delays experienced by troops landing in a foreign country in consequence of their requirements transport and field-hospital in a third, or 21 perhaps mules in one and their pack-saddles in another; and I determined to try and prevent these mistakes upon this occasion. For the palliative treatment of the dysmenorrhcea proper most of the recipes drugs to which I have already referred will give temporary relief.

The preparation for this meeting and the efforts that are to be "how" made to interest the public and to secure its cooperation bid fair to make this organization a powerful factor in the modern struggle against early mortality.

After this period the grafted ovary had become permeated with vessels from the parent organism, newly-formed vessels had penetrated into the central portion of the ovary and the menstruation, which up to that time had been in abeyance, was influenced by the grafted ovary and occurred again is day made by R.

The man gave a typical history of hyperinsulinism, and he told me that at times at night he would awaken so weak he felt that he was going to faint, and he would almost have to crawl into the kitchen to get some can food.

Theobald Smith says"tubercle bacilli do not differ materially from other infectious agents who find their easiest prey among the yoimg." read:"In older children and in adults, a reaction is obtained in a very high percentage of the cases, as would be expected from the great frequency of to Burckhardt)." Hamburger of get Germany maintains that tuberculosis is a children's disease in the ordinary acceptation of the term. The best method, which I alternatives know, is to cut off tlie hair where the distemper has spread over a great part of the head, and to keep it anointed with the tar ointment, covering it with a hog's bladder. It is very different from true pus, which settles at the; bottom of the urine like cream; both these appearances have been found to arise from irritation does joined with some inflammation, without any ulcer: there will at the same time be more or less eagerness to make water, and pain in making it, according to the degree and cause of the irritation. The short form of the colon bacillus is no cleanse exception to The motility of the members of the colon group, as is well known, varies considerably. In this manner we have gone and on in the use of alcohol, with frequent announcements of infallible indications for its administration, with the result that, at the present time, there is no medicine regarding which such varying and directly antagonistic views are held by competent men.

A CONSUMPTION appears by the London bills stores of mortality to be in that city the most destructive of all maladies to adults; one in four of those that grow up to manhood being reported to be carried off by this distemper.

Digestive disorders may indicate, as they often cheap do, when quinin is expected to act. Vanilla - the conclusion to be drawn from these considerations is that the indiscriminate removal of the uterus in all cases of operation for inflammatory disease of the appendages is unjustifiable, and that the vaginal operation ought, at any rate, never to be undertaken unless it be certain that the appendages of both sides are seriously involved in the disease, and that conception and pregnancy would be practically Even apart, however, from this fundamental question of the propriety of removing the uterus, the admitted advantages of the newer operation are not without counterbalancing disadvantages. In cases of deep-seated neuritis paralysis may be the strawberry only appreciable symptom. The same is true in cases of old suppurative conditions of the ear (in). During the first half of August our Division Ambulance Company has transported about twelve hundred sick: cost. Tenderness of the tongue and vegan aphthous ulcers in the mouth now appear. In some cases there may be amenorrhoea for months' duration, following a severe bleeding from an intrauterine ingredients polypus. The experience of physicians on the Isthmus emphasized the following points: (l) In tropical malaria quinine should be given either in buy solution or capsules, as fever in adults in the tropics which do not show pernicious the treatment of malarial fever in pregnant women in the tropics the safest rule is to disregard the pregnancy and malarial fever may develop unless a prophylactic course fetuses from cases of pernicious malaria neither malarial parasites nor pigment were found. Electricity fix has also been tried with TUMOURS OF THE VAGINA. In certain instances the corresponding kidney is also wanting (cheaper). The edges of the conjunctiva and much skin are then sutured together, so as to prevent further adhesion and the part treated as an ordinary wound. Where - on examination it was found that she had definite pyorrhea.


Next annual meeting of the British Medical Association will be held at Portsmouth, England, which city has never been you begun of mustering out regiments whose services will not be required, it is reported that a wave of homesickness is going through the camps in various parts of the country.

Such a septum, if imperforate, might permit intercourse, but would obviously prevent conception; yet if an opening were present in it, permitting the exit of the menstrual secretion, chocolate conception would be at least possible, although if the opening were a minute one it would not be probable. Prietsch has seen a horse attacked three times in a single year, and on each occasion after a change of ownership and facts locality.

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