RISE Funding Forum

RISE entrepreneurs connect with potential Angel and VC investors in the first annual RISE Funding Forum.


The first annual RISE Funding Forum event will be on Thursday, March 4, and is a platform for groups of entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and get real time feedback from an eminent panel of investors, lawyers and bankers. Business proposals must be submitted in advance with a $100 application fee and will be reviewed by the RISE pre-screen committee. The top 6 business plans will be invited to participate in round robin presentations to groups of accredited investors.

The participants will be asked to present their concepts and business plans to leading venture capitalists, bankers, senior industry professionals and angel investors in a two hour round-robin presentation format. All invited entrepreneurs will gain insight on how to make great pitches and learn what investors are looking for in a business plan. Both budding and established entrepreneurs can gain publicity for their ventures and will be able to connect with potential investors.

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