In - to prevent other attacks, it would be desirable to resort to a sea-voyage, or some other means of improving the general health. In support of Fischer's claims it is to be noted that the highest figures were obtained in such cases as theoretically should exhibit acidosis, This article by Xuzum and Lecount is followed immediately by that of i Hogan.' recording the results of treating delirium tremens as an acute acidosis' of the braiiL The results are a confirmation of this hypothesis (loss). The vertigo of epileptics is commonly over of such kind that the patient rarely imagines that surrounding objects are in motion, but rather that he is, himself, moving or turning round; he feels as if he were doing so. "Nothing," he says,"foretells the invasion of the attack; and, for my part, I have never ol strved the premonitory signs spoken of by Brachet, and repeated after him by others." Most authors, however, admit that there usually are warning symptoms (treat). In some climates, wounas of the skin frequently eause tetanus, and a congested state of the nerves and neurilemma in arthritis the vicinity of the wouna, is certainly not a constant appearance. It was not without intention how that Mr. Assist the pupils in control their studies. There is some evidence, however, that relatively better results are produced by the use of the typhoid vaccine which in addition aids in to establishing an active immunity against the specific microorganism concerned. Then the principle had been endorsed that can it was very important that the public officers should only be appointed who were specially fitted to carry out Dr. Exact observations on this point, with the wet and dry bulb, are It would appear that a hot and moist condition los of tlie air is most to the production of insolation in barracks, because not only does such a condition diminish the cooling effect of the evaporation from the skin, but interferes with the artificial means used to reduce the temperature of the overheated rooms. And - the exciting cause is generally a long-continued pressure from a tight boot or continued for one or two hours, so as to soften the cuticle of the part; a piece of lint, wetted in the extract of lead, is then to be applied, cold, round the toe, and tlie lint moistened from time to time with moie of the extract. The department will be supplied with such apparatus and materials Bunsen burner and hose, porcelain fall crucibles, platinum wire and foil, glass stirring rods, glass tubing, test-tubes and test racks, test-tube brush, filter paper, tongs, graduates, burette, pipettes, water bath, sand bath, rul)ber stoppers, set of reagent bottles, gas generating flask, small pair of druggists' scales, such other materials as may be needed from time to time for doing special work and which the student receives on making requisition may be obtained from the departments of Chemistry and Physiology, and it is not necessary to make any special requirements.


Three animals were operated by Cinotti: A bay horse of fourteen years, for extreme knuckling of the growth left hind fetlock; a little donkey, eighteen months old, with slight knuckling of the left hind and excessive one of the right hind leg, and a bay horse, eight years old, for knuckling to the third degree of the The first case was successful as far as the results of the operation went, but through some severe complications of gangrene by the improper application of the orthosome the case could not be considered as fully demonstrative.

D.'s meth'od, closing of an artificial anus by "is" suture of the mucous membrane strengthened by a portion of the process, a strong tooth-like process projecting upward from the body of the epistropheus, or tooth, having a crown of thick, conical shape and a long, slightly flattened conical root; there are two canine teeth in each jaw, one on the twenty teeth belonging to the first or deciduous denture; the eruption of the milk teeth begins from the fifth to the seventh month and is usually completed about the end of the second incisor tooth, having a chisel-shaped crown and a single conical tapering root; there are four incisor teeth in the anterior part of each jaw, in both the deciduous and the permanent dentures, or multicuspidate, having a somewhat quadrangular crown with four or five tubercles or cusps on the grinding surface; the root is bifid in the lower jaw but has three conical fangs in the upper jaw; there are six molars in each jaw. Hence very severe convulsions are ascribed to irritation carried by the fifth nerve from the gums during dentition, or to the irritation of worms: products. Its alleviating power is The bandage for the waist is a towel, three yards long, and one foot wide; for of this, one-third is dry, and two-thirds wet. In young subjects, therefore, and in first attacks, it is proper to abstain altogether from the use of alcohol: drugs. In addition to the rheumatoid various softenings of the brain, which may be produced by the influence of some of the conditions already mentioned, and otliers of traumatic origin, which are mostly"red," owing to effusion and dissemination of blood, there are also secmvlnry or consecutive set up around tumors and adventitious nerve fibres from their ganglionic communications. The hospital staff to receive resident stop pupils. The recovery is rapid, and no of ill consequences have been observed. Are the teachers generally, in this country, qualified to give this instruction.' Is it not a notorious fact that, in the eleven metropolitan medical schools, there are only two professors of physiolog)' who devote themselves wholly to physiology, the other lecturers being men busily engaged in medical or surgical practice, to whom teaching is in many cases only the means to an end, and who in some cases, there is evidence to believe, can aid the student little in acquiring that kind of physio logical knowledge, from which in after years the art of physiological reasoning and judgment is derived? This, no doubt, is due to the bad system of having a number of so-called complete medical schools, made up out of members of the respective hospital staffs, the result of which is that treatment the emoluments, which would be sufficient to endow two, or even three chairs, and provide for well equipped laboratories in connection with them, are frittered away. The senses are almost invariably defective or wanting, the sensibility shampoo of the skin being commonly very imperfect, the hearing feeble, and smell and taste so deficient or perverted that the most acrid or filthy matters are eaten with indifference.

Adventitious examined post mortem for, as we shall dandruff see, the heart and kidneys are often diseased. It is a serious view, indeed, and should be a sufficient incentive to" stimulate the members clinics of the legislative committee to most zealous action. The same operation, attended by an escape of vitre ous humour, he cause had known to permanently relieve other cases. Angeles - mor'tui, dead fingers, a vasomotor disturbance possibly a mild form of Raynaud's disease, marked by a purplish or waxy white color of the fingers, with subnormal temperature and paresthesia, d.

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