RAVE 3.0

Hosted by ATC & RISE Austin


Hosted by ATC & RISE Austin
Featuring Steven Tomlinson & Valerie Hausladen
Tuesday, June 29, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

ATC RAVE — Random Access to Various Experts—is an edgy and entertaining forum for you to learn from and connect with Austin’s tech and business leaders. RAVE 3.0 takes the current RAVE 2.0 format (crowdsourcing) and adds a new dimension: the power of crowdtalking.

So what’s the connection between RAVE 3.0 and crowdtalking? At the most basic level, we want to tap your talent to inform the conversation. More specifically, we want you to engage with other attendees in a Socratic discussion based around dynamic and real-time dialogue. RAVE 3.0 will foster a truly two-way conversation, in an environment where you’ll feel comfortable expressing your own thoughts and opinions while taking in the ideas of those around you.

The conversation theme for this RAVE is all about tech talent —finding it, inspiring it, and keeping it around. We’ll investigate perspectives about how you can adapt your talent to maintain relevancy and flexibility in a rapidly evolving economy. You may learn about new opportunities to transition from semiconductor design to cleantech, or perhaps the conversation will enlighten you as to why Austin companies are hiring from outside of Austin when there is so much talent here. Where are our talent gaps and strengths as individuals and as a community? How can each of us work to build and maintain a talent community in Austin?

The possibilities are endless because, at RAVE 3.0, the direction the conversation takes is up to you. This invitation is a call to action.

Importantly, your involvement in RAVE 3.0 begins before you step into the auditorium. Start by visiting the ATC/RISE RAVE 3.0 Facebook Event page. There you’ll find Steven Tomlinson’s talk at TEDx Austin and an excerpt from Valerie’s new book, Professional Destiny which you can use as spring-boards for question development. Watch the video, read the passage and then write on the event wall any challenges, ideas or related topics. In addition to the talent theme, consider what ideas are presented that you want to hear more about. Remember: this is your opportunity to make the event relevant to you and your goals by helping our speakers identify how their experience can be applied to what you want to accomplish.

RAVE 3.0’s speakers will compile the community’s posted comments, questions, ideas and suggestions, resulting in two presentations specifically tailored to what you want to two presentations will be built around your interests and expertise.

At RAVE 3.0, our speakers will help get the conversation started but, once the presentations are over, it’ll be time for Rapid RAVE Q & A—the best part of crowdtalking. We’ll bring up both speakers and challenge them to answer as many questions from the audience as possible in 10 minutes. Questions will be collected during the event via a Twitter hashtag (#atcrave3.0) and other methods and our moderator, Kevin Leahy, will disperse them giving our speakers a chance to take the conversation where you want it to go.

ATC RAVE 3.0 is free of charge but please RSVP on the Facebook Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=108588169185734
For more information, contact Leslie: leslie@riseaustin.org.

Networking: 5:30-6:30
Opening Remarks, Speakers & Beer Break: 6:30-7:45
Rapid RAVE Q & A: 7:45-8:00
Post-Presentation Discussions/Free-from Q & A: 8:00-8:30