The age liability also is in agreement, the susceptibility to both affections being fairly constant from the second, year of life to the fifteenth, after which age cases of simple albuminuria are relatively more common than those of acute nephritis. Miss Nightingale had patriotism, administrative capacity, courage, and, above all, power. Are the peculiar tonic contraction of the fingers, the epileptiform attacks, and the trophic disturbances. E., xxl he is slow in paying his accounts, and quite properly becomes angered when criticised therefor.

Two years after this, an aged man, a distant relation, came to reside in my father's family for a short time, and brought with him a small electrical machine.

It was apparently a death from obstruction by the engaging of a benign polyp in the pylorus. During this time the rales appeared even more numerous than when first seen. The active principle of the oil, gynocardic acid, has also been prescribed internally by Besnier and others. Some of these buildings are disposed so as to form a square; others are circular; some are three-cornered, like that at Baltimore; but their chief features as regards internal arrangements are, in all essential particulars, very nearly the same. The author declares that Keith of Singapore reports rapid upon the treatment of hookworm disease in over a thousand cases with the oil of chenopodium without a single case of ill effects. Horton examined it at half-past five, the only warmth remaining was on the abdomen, and the rigor mortis had commenced in the legs and arms. "We are glad to hear a rumour that another story is to be added to University College Hospital. Those who became eligible did so often began with great promise were driven by force of circumstances into work that, however valuable and meritorious, precluded intense cultivation of the scientific side. I will tell you, very briefly, what I did. Towards the end hiccup sets in, the features become shrunken, subsultus tendinum appears, and the patient dies exhausted or comatose. According to the mother the child had never suffered from worms, constipation, or diarrhea, and had never had any dililiculty "prices" or straining when the bowels were moved or the urine evacuated. If these measures do not speedily give relief the only chance of saving the patient is to bleed him from the arm or neck. It has been proven beyond all question reviews that flies are carriers of disease and a constant source of danger to human beings. Mgm - this coming year, with increased taxes on income, the proposed increase of postage rates and the constantly increasing cost of paper and labor, the.


With this object the ear should be canal should then be carefully dried, and a small piece of cyanide or alembroth wool, sprinkled with iodoform, inserted in the meatus. It is always discrete, and may appear all in one crop, or in successive crops, extending over one, two, three, four, five or more days after the at first either macular or papular; but, on account of the absence of symptoms, the eruption in nine cases out of ten is not seen until the vesicular stage. Simpson, it appears, saw the man shortly after the commission of the crime; he confessed to him that he was the man who did it, and showed him pantomimically how he did it.

Bouchut opposed the opinions expressed by Dr. When all thefe Mufcles of the Back and Loins work together, the whole Back is extended; but if the Mufcles of that Side The Anus hath three Mufcles, two callU I'he Anus three of the llreight Gut, encompafling it all round like a Ring. Ewald has well said:"Exploratory incision in suspected cases is all well enough, but one cannot expect the whole community of possible suspects to submit to being opened for inspection in order that the occasional case may receive early operation." By analogy and from actual experience we believe that operations for incipient cancer of the stomach and intestines yield as good results as operations at a like stage for external cancer. By an unaccountable misfortune in the present instance, the patient had not obtained proper Surgical assistance until the thirteenth week from the accident, and the chances of reduction were then very small indeed. Perhaps the most extraordinary part of"judging from the letter, he should conclude that the prisoner knew he was going to commit a crime against the laws of God and man, but, from the experience of what he had known insane men write and do after they had so written, he should expect that he had not the power to appreciate the legal quality of the act." We can scarcely believe that this is a correct report of what Mr. Life tables are particularly valuable clear in connection with the discussion of pension systems, vital statistics, public health improvement, together with such practical problems as retirement funds, annuities, and the like.

Yet there are detox those who believe we can change the primal We can weaken the primal instinct, we can distort it, we can shunt it into somewhat different channels, but it remains ever a menace to man's progress when so treated. As the action of the electric current does not penetrate very deeply, the cancerous masses should at first be removed as completely as possible; only then the bottom of the wound is exposed to the action of the electric current, the poles being frequentlj' changed, and the field being constantly cooled.

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