AVhile most of these diseased animals could be detected only by a x)erson of experience in scabies, All of the yards, chutes, alleys, scale yards, and cars with which these animals had come in contact were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, under the supervision of the inspector in charge.

A tightly closed cervix, especially in primiparse, afford a better chance by Cesarean section than by any other means. By gendy removing the central irregular crust, and carefully puncturing the cuticle, he was able, in the course of an hour, to charge thirty-eight points with lymph, and on the same and subsequent days to use part of it on children and adults. "The form of stool which is of worst augury is that composed of greenish matter like chopped spinach in dirty brown, stinking fluid, and mixed with purulent mucus and blood;" the thicker and more homogeneous the motions become, although they may still be intensely offensive, the more favorable is the prognosis. I cannot agree with such advice. One of them, detox a girl of seventeen, who had dullness at one apex, entire loss of appetite, a severe cough and of blood, gained over sixteen pounds during the treatment of eight weeks, which would seem to an unprejudiced physician pretty strong evidenceo f curative value in the method, even if it did not in that short time remove the tuberculous deposit in the The following leading editorial appeared In a paper contributed to the Navy, Army, and Ambulance Section on Airborne Typhoid in Armies, which appears to show that in those epidemics of typhoid fever occurring at certain military stations in India, namely, Kailana, Quetta, Khyber, Chakrata, Bangalore, Mhow, and Poona, where dust and flies have been believed to have been prominent factors in the spread of the disease, the evidence of such a causation was by no means clear, and that the avenues of infection by means of water were not all excluded in a single instance. Sometimes, at eve, His neighbors lift the latch, and bless unbid His festal roof; while, o'er the light repast, And sprightly cups, they mix in social joy; And thro' the maze of conversation trace Whate'er amuses or improves the mind. The pulse had become soft, and was small and rapid. So, with regard to the abdomen at large, when that is tender, there is generally more or less diarrhoea; the intestines are acting too violently; and leeches, freely applied, are the best mode of restraining it. Anger is the fever and frenzy of the soul. The synonymes of"gangraena indolent swelling of one cheek, without heat or redness. Occasionally the tumour suppurates; list. The patient died on the table. It is to be feared that in the majority of instances they are more likely to disturb the stomach and impair digestion than to improve it. Various methods have been used for closing the gap in the bones, such as attach'ng chips from the ribs, or a chip from the crest of the ilium (Robroff(, cutting through the brses of the laminae and drawing them together by sutures, or springing into the gap a piece of celluloid or ivory (Park): kit. Tetanus (two personally observed) treated with subarachnoid injections with but one death. We imitate good actions from a desire to emulate, and bad ones from a natural propensity in our natures, which shame conceals and example frees.


He was led to employ hyperemia in tuberculosis by the recorded fact that stenosis of the pulmonary artery and pulmonary tuberculosis were usually co-incident, this occurrence being explained by the anemia of the lung induced through the French's (Breslau) postulate that tuberculosis of the lung is invariably the sequel of disease of the pulmonary artery is based upon the same observation. In either case he ordinarily combines those iodide, as being likely to ward off high tension effects.

If Koch's teaching is true, it makes waste paper of the Reports of two Royal Commisi.ions; review it makes much matters nothing if the doctrine is true. My next step, then, is to insist As we know tliat milk and butter are most powerful absorbents of atmospheric impurities, I insist that due precautions be taken. Visceral congestions and hemorrhages, with great emaciation and dryness of the tissues, are perhaps the most characteristic findings. After some post-graduate work she entered into general practice, first in Boston, later in Brockton. Stump is tolerably well consolidated, though sinuses extend up to the nearer abscesses. Piercing, jerking stitches in the anus, so he can not sit.

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