After diet and other treatment failed solution was injected per rectum. The work, as a whole, deserves careful study at the hands of genitourinary surgeons, to whom it will prove to be of considerable value.

There plus is certainly honor enough for both these physicians, and all others who are working in this field, and we believe Dr. Around the gas holes there are no changes, except those due to pressure. An acute disease is one in which the invasion is sudden and rapid, and as a rule severe; when the symptoms develop less rapidly and are less intense, the disease is said to be subacute; when gradual or slow in development, of longer duration, and of lessened intensity, the disease is said to be chronic. The contractured limbs are in close contact with the thorax, the forearm flexed on the arm, and the hand on the wrist.


There were upward of twenty vessels tied in all, but certainly not more than two ounces of blood was lost during the operation. Cervix small, red, a "glassware" little hard. I am in the halnt, in the milder forms of gonorrhosa, of haling them made with sulphate of sine, in the purulent form with chloride 69825 of sne, and in the more virulent cases, with nitrate of silver; never, however, osmg more than two grains of the latter salt to the os. After a period of energetic, resolute, enthusiastic advancement it halts and rests.

He had seen three cases in which the symptoms were of pronounced grade; his evidence for believing it was acquired was that there was no family history and, secondly, these children had ingested the food, to which they later developed idiosyncracy for some time before toxic symptoms were manifested. After coating further discussion, the meeting was adjourned. They conclude that this papillomatous condition of the mucous membranes of the tube due to salpingitis is probably not so infrequent as is usually supposed. An individual might well be immune against the few organisms ingested from a glass of water or milk, whereas he would readily succumb to the infection were a sufficient number of the germs introduced directly into the The object of this discussion of infectious disease is merely to emphasize the fundamental identity of the body reaction to proteins, whether they be bacterial proteins, toxins, or inanimate proteins, and, further, the fact that whereas this sensitization of body cells is distinctly advantageous and protective against the incidental invasion of bacteria, it is a definite cause of disease and absolutely disadvantageous to the human economy when this same capacity for sensitization of cells has spread to those fonns of inanimate proteins which constitute our daily food or with which we must come Richet published an article with regard to hypersensitiveness to toxins and he coined the word Theobald Smith remarked upon the condition which is now known as the Theobald Smith phenomenon in which a hypersensitiveness was created to proteins in themselves not toxic. Pus was found in the left internal auditory canal.

To prevent infection had been Lister's plea; to reach the infected area, eradicate it or master its morbid former wars had thwarted the greatest skill, became the aim of Dakin and Carrel, so marvelous in its results as to approach the miraculous. Both cities for long have had a high reputation for their infant feeding methods, and in many respects may be said to lead in this field. A faint rhythmic murmur was heard at the apex. Neurological examination was essentially negative. At some times more cases protective were brought together in the hospital wards than I could have wished, but it seemed unavoidable.

Both lobes of liver and the pancreas contain new growth. The observations of the ancients were remarkably accurate, and, considering the limited amount of detailed knowledge at their command, were as wonderful examples of the power of human induction as many of the best conclusions of the modern day.

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