"PURE SOAPBOX... a cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor"

Timeless motivation for the Stressed-Out Entrepreneur


When you’re herding cats and wearing a jillion hats as a driven entrepreneur, the stress not only negatively impacts YOU…it wreaks havoc on your companies, families, friends, spouses...and overall balance in life!

So, how can you help yourself and create a positive domino effect on those around you for a more sound and successful future? You get disciplined, get impeccable with your word, get resourceful, and get courageous!

Kimberlie Dykeman delivers truly engaging meat-n-potatoes optimism to audiences who seek more practicality than the average reprocessed, cheerleading speech can deliver. Cleverly leveraging the forward-thinking wisdom of timeless thought leaders, from John Quincy Adams to Lily Tomlin to John Lennon, she pairs a jolt of inspiration and humor with a unique, practiced “Common Sense Solution”. SOAPBOX® motivation resonates strongly with overwhelmed entrepreneurs and burned-out 9-to-5ers shifting to their own pursuits…all who happen to be juggling-it-all single parents, mid-life crisis victims, new grads, and empty-nesters! Walk away with a realistic gameplan to work smarter, think clearer, feel healthier, live happier. No candy coating. Motivation with a swift kick in the pants!

“Kimberlie is one of those rare treasures you come across in the business world. Her energetic personality, her dynamic presentation style and her deep desire to make a difference in the lives and careers of others is both inspirational and motivating. I've seen the value of Kimberlie's work first hand and can say without hesitation any company, organization or conference would be well advised to leverage the wisdom and knowledge this little dynamo package has to offer.” - Steve Harper , Author, Professional Speaker & Consultant , The Ripple Effect

“…I was blown away by her contagious energy, boundless curiosity and natural warmth. She had an incredible way of connecting with the audience and with me, with the result that she brought out insights that people really want to know and inspired them in ways that not many can. Whether it is to inform, inspire or entertain I wouldn't hesitate to call on Kimberlie.” - Anil Jagtiani , Sr. VP Strategy, Marketing & Development , QVC, Inc.

“Kimberlie lives and shares reality and has a powerful way of projecting her message. There is only one Kimberlie and I truly believe she will soon become a household name. I will only recommend Kimberlie to A players, the rest should stay on the porch.” - Steve Siegwalt, Manager PrePaid Legal


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TV Host & Producer, Motivation Expert & Author
Kimberlie Dykeman is one of those people you don’t soon forget and exudes a charismatic, vivacious presence that has fueled a loyal following and success stories cross-country. Kimberlie is an On-Camera Personality and Producer, Motivation Expert, International Spokesperson, and Author. Over the past dozen years, Dykeman pioneered a groundbreaking system of lifestyle coaching, emerged as a multi-faceted TV host, and launched her first book, PURE SOAPBOX, based on her internationally followed SOAPBOX® motivational vignettes. She’s appeared in and produced hundreds of TV broadcasts/shows, infomercials, commercials & online videos and is recognized for her keen understanding of the convergence of marketing, entertainment and digital technology. As an entrepreneur with a growing, trademarked brand, Kimberlie has evolved her grand goals into a tangible conglomerate multimedia entity, touching audiences worldwide with positive messaging and seizes every opportunity to entertain, enlighten, and uplift.