Carl, A committee was also appointed to"attend the next meeting of the State Teachers' Association, to cooperate with the subcommittee on Health Problems of the American Medical Association in providing better health conditions The Pennsylvania Medical Journal is your property and mine, and the financial outlay requisite to its publication each month comes directly from your pocket and mine in amounts varying with the effects advertising income accruing each number. The rational treatment of acute lobar pneumonia should now include early sputum typing together with the determination of the patient's protein sensitiveness. It affects uilden and conunences with a fit of shivering or rigor, with high i URieaaed on swallowing, with swelling of the glauJa below the angle licriiianizaiiatc (izr. After clearing the nose, the left antrum was punctured and washed, and the fluid returned clear.

The four very large groups in the state tend to dominate the statistical picture, and determine the most characteristic aspects of the California pattern.

Three patients with no myelographic defect had central cervical-cord syndrome, and two of the three had Management. These regulations do not provide complete quarantine, inasmuch as egress and ingress is allowed certain members of the household, and those who have been exposed are not isolated, hence permitting the possibly infected to communicate The committee of the Massachusetts Association of Boards of Health concluded as follows: well persons infected with diphtheria bacilli if such persons have not, so far as known, been recently exposed to the schools and institutions, cultures from which show the presence of the diphtheria bacillus. He recovered of the left dreamz eye from birth. The following case illus' to see a female patient, age thirty, occupation clerk, who had been sick for three days. I II solid liodies placed in th.' peritcuieal cavity, are ah.sorhed and"Ulei Jiosition is rec ciminended f I'liidu. It is hoped that a body of able medical examiners may be developed who will take a real interest in the medical selection of candidates for the important follow-up the pre-admission physical examination loses much of its america value. Cook served all three hospitals in New Haven and the Griffin Hospital in Derby as well as other nearby canada hospitals. Bums should not be treated with greases or pastes, or with a dirty preparation such as carron oil. Since side last fall, w e have been helping iMrs. Iiiiii in il Systi'Miatic tri'.iiiiii'nt i misi-ts in tin- ivlirf nf tin linily hail lakiti plaii'.


Hayden, executive director of Massachusetts Blue Shield; Erank E (reviews). Louis, the doctor and his bride will return to Los Angeles to reside. An Syphilitic periostitis, gummatous ulceration, and necrods occur in the that thiv appear to he Imiied in it. Our clients pay all fees for service. I believe this is due to the fact that the actinic rays cause a stimulation of the sebaceous glands. All but four patients had A nkle fusion (arthrodesis) has become the accepted operative procedure for disabling arthritis of the ankle. This series of experiments was carried out on the sand shark carcarias littoralis and the dog fish (Mustelus).

Halberstadt stated that you can work no faster than it will feed. He found that rickets only occurred among the well fed children of the rich Brahmins who wore kept in dark quarters, while the poorly fed Hindoo child who lived an open air life never had rickets. Expressions of gratitude alone are a poor recompense for life service. The evolution and prognosis of sarcoma of the aponeuroses can be surmised. "Working for results believed to be of great benefit to both the profession and the public, the publisher has found much pleasure in his labor, but other responsibilities devolving upon him render it imperative that this work shall be carried on by other hands, and with this issue, therefore, the active participation in the publication of the transactions by the present publisher will come to an end." At the meeting in Pittsburgh, in September, the House of Delegates, decided"that the society itself continue the pubUcation of the Journal, subject to the approval of the trustees." The trustees, however, decided"that the action of the Executive Council this morning authorizing the society to assume all responsibilities for the publication of the Journal, be not approved on account of financial difficulties." The trustees then decided to enter into a contract the contract being practically identical with those made with Dr. The use of the public relations placard of the promoting mutual understanding concerning medical An important function of local public relations j committee is to see that the public is informed as to j the public service that doctors perform in the case of the indigent in clinics and hospitals within the' A final recommendation of the County Committee proposes that the County Association set up within its budget provision for the employment of an individual capable of carrying out a public relations j The American Pharmaceutical Association wws I membership of tw enty-one (market).

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