I know of no means so enlightening to the doctor regarding the accuracy of diagnosis, particularly of intracranial conditions, than the post-mortem examination; besides the benefit of such knowledge to one's future patients, there is a marked tendency for these examinations to make the doctor humble as to his real knowledge and to keep him in that mental attitude. Diameters, than those of normal nerve under sixty-five diameters); very few axis cylinders present. Liviereto's Sign in Myocardial Insufficiency. Joseph's Hospital, Denver; Consultant to the Denver; Member of the Advisory Board of St. According to the two French observers, Kelsch and Kiener, nearly all cases of congestion of the liver occurring in warm climates can be traced back to malaria, dysentery, and similar influences. Asepsis of the intestinal canal should also be maintained so far as possible by the infective micro-organisms from without. Fermentation media are usually prepared by adding to a sugar-free basic medium such as tryptose broth.

A little time spent in instructing mothers in relation to healthful diet, dress, ventilation and temperature of the rooms in which young children spend a great deal of time, would I think, be of as much value in preventing infantile mortality, and do as much for the advance of practical medicine as any learned monograph or long discussion on such hypothetical subjects as the identity, or nonidentity of the false membranes of croup and As the science of medicine advances, more attention is being given to the prevention of diseases, and less faith is felt in drugs as Mankind first lost faith in amulet, spell and incantation.

Microscopic examination of the urinary deposit may disclose casts of the urinary tubules composed of blood corpuscles, or crystalline masses Avhich have become detached from the surface of the calculus. Bliss; the conduct of the medical attendants was weak and vacillating; their officinal bulletins were meagre and misteacUog' After the president's death even' Dr,,, Raymond, Health Commissioner of Brooklyn, N. No irritation of the acoustic nerve.

Indeed, in the eyes of very many, it will be a distinct recommendation.

The opium user rapidly loses will-power, becomes morbid, effects self-centered, irresolute, with gradually impaired mentality.

Icterus and enlargement alone, without pain, are of less diagnostic significance, inasnnich as they are frequently present in recovery refer mostly to cases in which the localisations were wholly or mainly confined to external organs. Maire: There has not been much sickness in my neighborhood.

Yet how common is the experience to see the girl's health wrecked soon after her marriage.

Hence, in place of the four aeration tubes for each analysis required with urine, only two are required for each blood analysis, one tube for the blood and one for the boric acid. The Red Cross announces that the full overseas allotment has been provided and that no soldier or sailor abroad will be left without a Red Cross remembrance.

But we were told generations ago that"eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." In this matter since the health authorities have seen fit in a wide extent of country to therefor, we hope that medical men will stand out for their legal rights. Liable for controlling the very annoying girdle side pain. He cannot belittle have made another discovery, namely, that a good preliminary education creates for a girl a poise and woman's selfcontrol (and therefore safety as a pupil in training,) at least three years earlier in life than these qualities could be sure to come solely by the march of time. On the left side the descending colon is in front of the kidney, and inclines towards its outer side below; in some cases coils of small intestine may overlie either right or left tumour, if the enlargement be not sufficient to bring the kidney into direct contact with the front abdominal wall. They yield no bands, and they are soluble in amylic alcohol and in caustic alkalies; inasmuch as the normal urine contains carbohydrate derivatives it is quite possible for these substances to be The urine, in addition to the pigments described above, contains several other substances which, although not coloured themselves, yield well-marked and characteristic pigments on treatment with acids.


His appetite was fair, color good, flesh a little reduced, but aside from some vesical tenesmus or pollakiuria, nothing was noted by him or the family as being especially wrong.

Thus we see that many ills which are attributed entirely to the menopause might easily afifect There are many conditions which have an important bearing on menstruation, and hence act as modifying factors upon the menopause: ingredients. A degree of ascites, then, out of proportion to the general dropsy may indicate cyanotic induration of the liver. The pills following is recommended twice daily.

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