To-day obstet rics in India, China, and Africa deals witli the same ponderous process and meets the same formidable hazards as in Europe and America." It may be found, we suggest, that whatever advantage the parturient savage woman may have over her civilized sister is largely dependent on tiie comparatively small size of the foetal head among savages. Iodide of potassium for the diagnosis of phthisis,'MS. That this is so may be inferred from the analogous use of benzoic acid, which is changed into sulphuric acid within the kidney. It is thought by some to be more efficacious in hooping-cough, when associated with Hulpliate of zinc.

It is lighter than water, colourless, of an odour similar to that of the plant, but less agreeable, and a hot somewhat aromatic taste. The tubal incision will close by secondary intention.

Brief manuscripts commenting on articles that have appeared in the journal, containing information of interest to physicians, or discussing issues of the day will be considered for publication.

In the discussion Diihrssen reiterated his belief in the procedure and claimed that in the tamponade we have a reliable and harmless Inemostatic measure the most certain of all in haemorrhage from atony and laceration. Because of an abundance of enablers and the ability to con, hide, and lie about drug use, it is not uncommon for parents not to recognize that their teen is even involved in drugs until the disease has progressed to an advanced level. Charles Zellhoetter, aged sixty-five years. In these patients a progressive paraplegia developed that runs the ordinary course and terminates fatally. Sometimes there is case of lupus and joint tuberculosis, at the particular spot where the pathological process is going on, we observe is there that the reaction shows itself particularly, in addition to the systemic symptoms. In two instances the pulse masque remained unchanged but its volume improved; while in every instance (thirteen times) there was a rise in the temperature of from one to eight degrees. The same is true of cinchona, ipecac, and nux vomica, as is pointed out by Mr. Between a child and the pool is to leading to the yard. With the release of the aggregate hospital reports, MHDC has reached the first of its goals for publication of health care data. Under such circumstances it is best to treat the inflammation flrst, at least to make one or two applications of nitrate of silver, or cocaine, (which does admirably well), when we will be surprised by the transformation of the previously trifling looking nickings into considerable rents.



But there are states of inflammation in which it is highly usefhl. In twenty-six cases thus far completed I have met roth with only two failures. Were As a result of these investigations Bleuler and Jung, of the University of Zurich, conceived the idea that it might be possible, by making a psychanalysis of these cases, to determine the explanation of certain morbid phenomena that they exhibited.

It is of great importance that physicians should act in concert; for, although their modes of treatment may be attended with equal success when employed singly, yet, conjointly, they are very likely to be productive of disastrous results. The ordinary doaes of this medicine used in intermittent fever will often cure it; but they will often also fail.

But the anthropologist looks more closely and hunts for his review stigmata. In the rural districts the infant would be carried to the synagogue and there operated upon; but this is done mostly by the poor, whose apartments are too small to accommodate fifteen acne or twenty people. Inasmuch as reappointments could be made, efficient officers could be retained in office, and the limited tenure of office would preserve the people against the work of a mischievous clique in the Regents: thomas. Horton, sui Retiring Boards incapacitated for active service, on account of disability incident to the service, are. Pruritus universalis is a frequent accompaniment of pregnancy, of disease mask of the genital tract, and may also depend exclusively upon psychical causes.

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