People Over Process

An Approach to Small Business Hiring and Partnerships


Many times a small businesses will model themselves after a business that seems to be excellent for a myriad of reasons. Excellent companies aren't always the ones with the coolest technology or service offerings. We all know execution on plans is where companies separate themselves from others.

A company like Google may be known for their products, but they will tell you they are good at what they do because they attract, retain and develop their team members. Excellent companies have the ability to deeply humanize the work experience. As an entrepreneur, this comes naturally as you are your company, but as there is a need to grow and add talent there are new challenges. In a highly competitive environment, the importance of identifying the right people and developing them cannot be stressed enough. In the end, processes and metrics are driven by people.

What considerations are you making as a growing business to identify the right people to bring on as team members or partners? How will to retain those people?

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