The Passion Test for Entrepreneurs.

Discovering your top 5 Passions will make you grow your business quicker and easier, and have fun doing it.


Your business will grow only to the extent in which you are CLEAR.

One of the most powerful formulas that you can learn in life is: CLARITY = POWER

The purpose of the Passion Test is Clarity.

Clarity does not come all at once. It is a process. The Passion Test supports the process of gaining clarity by forcing us to choose what really means the most to us. By discovering our top 5 passions, we can use them as a barometer to help measure the importance and benefit of life choices.

This workshop will give you amazing clarity and your will emerge with a road map on what to do with your business.

Know that you are only responsible for the "what" in your life, knowing that the "how" will show up on its own.

I am a Certified Passion Test Facilitator by Janet & Chris Atwood, the authors of the New York Times #1 Bestseller "The Passion Test".

I have been an entrepreneur all my life, have never worked for anyone but myself, started 3 business from scratch and have been quite successful. Knowing my passions and therefore my life's purpose created amazing results for me and my businesses.

Come and take this workshop with me, and uncover your roadmap to create amazing success for you and your business.

President & CEO
Monica Peraza was born and raised in Mexico City. After finishing her degree in Education from Universidad Panamericana, she decided to take the business route and founded and managed two companies. In August of 2007, Monica moved to the New York Metropolitan Area where she created Dalma Imports, LLC, whose primary function was the commercialization of Mexican products in wholesale markets in the United States and Canada. Since then, she has served as President and CEO of the company, which has grown into various divisions including those of Food Products, E-Commerce, Consulting, and Training. She was named President of Mex-Net Alliance in June 2009.