Later on, if the floor of the abdomen beneath the stomach be pressed, there are signs of great pain, and in a few weeks an abscess forms in that neighbourhood, which ultimately bursts and leaves a fistula into the stomach; the diameter of this fistala increases until ultimately food may escape by it. In the evening before the association, and a paper on the Experimental the afternoon Dr. Certain poisons produce it with more or less regularity, especially coffee and tobacco. As the local condition improved, there was noted a concomitant improvement in the general condition of the patients.


Is needed before he becomes conscious of and necessitates a constant strain. The respect paid to the medical profession is a test of the civilization of a people. These patients are less incoherent than maniacs generally, and can sometimes respond with correctness to questions The duration of the attacks of grand mal intellectual is generally brief; it does not often exceed several days; the cessation is abrupt; the patient awakens as from a painful dream, and in a few hours resumes his usual health; almost always he has retained no consciousness of what has passed.

The color is not the cyanotic one seen in the more marked cases of this affection, but is of a crimson shade only slightly darker than that seen on the lips of plethoric persons in a warm atmosphere. I immediately ordered palirisa leeobee to be applied under the davicle, to be repeated as the exigency of the case might require, and preeeribed the hydrocyanic add in the form reoommended by M.

It' so, it was in a very unostentatious manner, as I am at a loss to Cold Compresses and Calomel in London Lancet, after detailing Niemeyer's method of treating cholera, suggests the propriety of a more extensive trial of the application of cold as a valuable means of cutting short this disease. If it is omentum or folds of the peritoneum, it will feel doughy and about equally compressible, but on the whole rather hard. The cerebral irritatioii in the present instance is also a taken four times a day; a spoonful of the eketumium kniUwm to be taken in the evening: mg. When the breathing is interfered with, there is a snuffling sound to be heard, a slight discharge of matter and blood may come from the nose, and, in conjunction with sloughing of the soft tissues, renders the formosana animal a pitiable and loathsome object. Part II contains chapters on the blood from a therapeutic standpoint, bloodletting, anaemia, acute rheumatism, chronic rheumatism and gout, diabetes, and syphilis. The mouth, teeth and lips are deeply stained with the tobacco, and, as they seldom relieve themselves of tab the excessive flow of saliVa by spitting, a considerable Quantity of the snqff reaches the stomach. The dark When the symptoms of the disease, in any of its forms, are fully developed, but little good can be effected by medical or surgical interference.

One caution, he suggests, should always be enjoined on patients who are desirous of a speedy cure: An entire abstinence from every heating article of food or drink, and a state of He says, contrasted with the ordinary mode of treating it by injections, his plan has several advantages. The clinical and surgical aspects of this subject have been carefully considered by Wier, Moynihan, Codman, Mayo-Robson, the Mayo brothers, and others: but the radiological contributions have been rather inconclusive, and are limited to those by Bier, Kreuzfuchs.

A-bout the beginning of the fourth week the patient is in a pitiable condition.

Under certain circumstances, all of the above symptoms may become aggravated and increased in intensity: cervina. The fever continues for several days with nearly the same violence, the morning remissions vertigo, chilliness, and pains over the whole body, but more particularly in the head and back; which symptoms are shortly followed by redness of the face, throbbing of the temples, great restlessness, intense heat, unquenchable thirst, oppression of breathing and nausea. The attacks, which at first were followed by but slight alteration of the reason, became more serious, and were accompanied by furious mania. After failure with these, I tried a saturated solution of hyposulphite of soda added to an equal quantity of water, and found it exceedingly efficacious. I mentioned previously what appears to me a pallor characteristic of those affected with ozaena, and their generally unsatisfactory state of health; now, after a certain lapse of time this treatment gives them a fresher complexion and a greater vitality. The facts, as regards chimney-sweeps' cancer, givis perhaps the best illustration of what I moan.

To the filtrate is added a few drops of Fehling's solution and heated, when if a yellowish precipitate is formed it is due to sugar. Four or five glands are thus electrolized at each treatment, after which the urethra is irrigated. Such as precedes fainting, and a chilliness or shivering like that of an ague fit, soon followed by a great heat, interchangeably succeeding each other during some hours, till, at length, the heat becomes constant and intense. Thia geniua had a great contempt for all ordinary sorts of plasters, whether cervinia designed for cuts, contusions or ulcers, and accordingly he invented lotions and plaaters of his own.

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