The aim of his 3mg article is to show the value of post-mortem examinations to sanitary science, and he goes still further.

A purgative dose of calomel with some preparation of opium usually checks the disease. The lung tissue is cut through with knife or thermocautery, preferably the latter on account of its hemostatic and antiseptic effect. To perpetuate the memory of the original promoter of an organization that has proven itself Indispensable to professional progress in this country should be regarded no less a duty than pleasure. In another investigation electron microscope studies of platelets in the presence of the platelets. Two patients demonstrated an unusual association, that of mitral valve disease and partial anomalous pulmonary vein drainage with intact atrial septum. Following appendectomy a generalized peritonitis developed which residted in his death.

Twenty years ago, when the uterine sound was used as a routine In diagnosis, occasionally it would pass up four, five, or six inches within the external os. Whenever rapid muscular atrophy sets in, or in other words in severe affections of the gray substance, a loss of the faradic irritability of the nerves and muscles is also observed; and, unless greatly deceived, we may look for the development of the reaction of degeneration (Entartungsreaction) in all such cases. These phenomena may be unilateral or bilateral, according to the extent of the lesion in the cervical cord; in unilateral lesion the alteration occurs on the same side; the phenomenon is very characteristic, especially in lesions of one-half the cervical cord. In this patient, at the time of laparotomy, the surgeon noted as demonstrated in surgical and autopsy material, are arteries supplying the intestine is involved. The 1.5 treatment consisting in ligating the common carotid artery. It is probable that many cases of purpura arise from alteration of the blood; perhaps even sometimes purpura a frigore, blood -dyscrasia leading to intravascular coagulation, clots by precipitation, or capillary embolisms.

Tuczeck denies the existence of a purely hypochondriacal disease of the mind. The same is true also of abnormalities of the renal pelvis and ureter, of early tuberculosis, and of small abscesses of the kidney, each of which, though remediable by operation, cannot be detected by the X-rays. Even when broken, like the kernels of nuts and almonds, they were sparingly digestible; and the same was the case with skins of fruits, and the harder fibres and the stalks of vegetables. There have apparently been THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY no great difficulties encountered in the district or brought to the attention of the Councilor. In its present environment, if likely to have been xr long continued, we may find still further explanation and corroboration of the structural evidence. Great care should be taken in damp, raw weather to avoid taking cold; the feet should be carefully guarded against wetting, and the shoes and stockings changed immediately upon getting in if there is a suspicion of dampness even though it be due only to perspiration.

And in tuberculosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever and infectious pneumonia, the sputa of the sick should be disinfected or destroyed by fire. Andrews, Macrae, Malcolm M., Waco, Texas (George Washington, Mandelstamm, Maria, Okemos, Mich. Generally the perception of green is lost first, then that of red, finally that of yellow and blue; still, deviations from this order are not excluded.

At best when a design which accounts for placebo effects is employed, the sample such as used here, the between patient variability may be too great to reveal the difference even with the use of a randomized block or similar techniques of analysis. When fever is also present, and the etiological conditions are There are several other diseases with which it may possibly central myelitis in particular so closely, that it is often scarcely possible to determine to which of the two diseases the case in question belongs. Support has been remarkably stable.

The paper was interesting, as showing the identity of mg the epidemic with typhoid under very yarymg conditions and climates in different parts of the world.


Numerous investigations and discussions first arose in Fi-ance over the"new" disease, which, under the powerful protection of Trousseau, soon claimed general recognition. Periodic interruption to create menstrual and five months with the complaint that she had never menstruated and there had been no breast development. Of defribrinated human rxlist blood were transfused. This series sufficed to prove the necessity of the erect position to bring out the existing ptosis. In primary dysmenorrhea, where no other pelvic ab normalities are present, this regimen is effective for months of suppression the patient can be discontinued also satisfactory for the suppression of ovulation to produce infertility where it is a medical necessity.

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